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 First tournament since 4th

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First tournament since 4th Empty
PostSubject: First tournament since 4th   First tournament since 4th I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 24 2015, 22:46

Hi everyone,

As the topic may suggest, I haven't played since the 4th edition. So to get back into the game I applied for two tournaments in March. One with 1750 and one with 1500 points.

Missions are a mix of maelstrom and eternal war. No superheavies and max one formation OR allied detachment besides the main detachment.

As I have play the incredible amount of one game since 7 years, your feedback would be highly appreciated.

1750 Pts

Combined Arms Detachment (40#, 1067 pts)
Archon 125 pts Agoniser; Haywire Grenades; Webway Portal; Warlord
4x 5 Kabalite Warriors, 100 pts
       in Raider Dark Lance
6 Reavers, 146 pts Heat Lance x2; Cluster Caltrops x2
2x 3 Reavers, 73 pts Heat Lance x1; Cluster Caltrops x1
2x  Ravager 125 pts  Dark Lance x3
Allied Detachment (683 pts)
Farseer  120 pts Jetbike, Singing Spear
5 Wraithguard D-Scythe
2x   3 Windrider Jetbike Squad 61 pts Shuriken Cannon x1
6 Swooping Hawks 96 pts
Fire Prism 135 pts Shuriken Cannon
The Archon ports with the Wraithguard on a suicide mission to wreck some havoc and to get lots of attention. The Faarseer stays back and supports the Tanks.

Should the Reavers get Heat Lance or blasters?
What psy powers should I go for?
And I am a bit worried about hords.

For 1500 Points i would reduce the 6 Reavers to 3 and put out one Kabalite unit and the Hawks.

If I get the rules together it should work  Very Happy
What do you think?
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First tournament since 4th
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