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 120 pt campaign

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PostSubject: 120 pt campaign   120 pt campaign I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 14 2015, 09:49

Hi all,

Hope the post-New Years blues isn't hitting anyone too hard!

My local gaming store is running a small 120 pt campaign over the next few months. No units, each model needs to be taken separately, one upgrade per 5 models in your army, no troop choice limitations, 0-2 FA, 0-2 HS, 0-2 Elite choices.

Each model receives experience bonuses and other special rules for various objectives scored throughout a game and "levels up" etc. basically kind of like Necromunda.

Oh, and no allies or formations, MCs, HQs or vehicles...

My initial thoughts are:

- 2 x Reavers
- Wrack with Ossefactor for ranged AP2 although unsure about this dude
- 5 x Kabalites warriors
(That all comes to 97 points so far)

What to do with 23 pts left though? I was toying with Incubi but then I know there will be a lot of ruins so lack of grenades hurts. A blood bride and Wych would make up the points but they feel really lacklustre.

I've taken the Reavers because I think they'll be awesome in such a small game. I know someone will be rocking SM: Terminator, bike, tactical marines. I'm not too worried about these dudes but what am I missing vs. other opponents?

Any help appreciated - I can chop / change this list any which way!
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120 pt campaign
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