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 Posting Lists from Army Builder and simular programs

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Posting Lists from Army Builder and simular programs Empty
PostSubject: Posting Lists from Army Builder and simular programs   Posting Lists from Army Builder and simular programs I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 03 2011, 00:19

Stolen from Warseer ( I think its been awhile). Yes it uses Fantasy for the example but you get the point.


When you've made a list with ArmyBuilder, don't post it straight away on here, take the time to tweak out any unnecessary and possibly confusing info.

First of all, save your list with the "Save As Text Summary" option, which removes a lot of the useless information.

Secondly, you have to clean up the file.

  • Summarize things when possible. If you have a unit with a champion, standard bearer and musician, you can write this down as "Full Command".
  • Don't mention options that cannot be changed or removed in any way. Swordmasters always have Great Weapons and Heavy Armour, no need to post this.
  • Army Builder unfortunately uses a structure where champions with different stats, mounts and crew are listed separately, it's simply how the program works. Remove any mention of these, except when you have the option to make adjustments to it. For instance, you should mention your Goblin Chariot has an additional crew member, but for Chaos Chariots this is not an option so it needs no mention.
  • Army Builder also lists the individual points posts for upgrades and the posting of such is forbidden on this site


An example of what a cleaned up list looks like.
_ _ _ _ _

1 Archmage @ 355 Pts
Magic Level 4; Lore of Fire
Book of Hoeth [100]

Archmage, Level 4, Lore of Fire, Book Of Hoeth; 355 points.

_ _ _ _ _

4 Silver Helms @ 129 Pts
Barding; Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield

1 Captain @ [14] Pts

5 Elf Steed @ [0] Pts

5 Silver Helms, Heavy Armour, Shield, Champion; 129 points.

_ _ _ _ _

19 Swordmasters @ 365 Pts
Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Standard; Musician
Banner of Sorcery [50]

1 Bladelord @ [37] Pts
Blessed Tome

20 Swordmasters, Full Command, Banner Of Sorcery, Blessed Tome; 365 points.

_ _ _ _ _

2 Repeater Bolt Thrower @ 200 Pts

4 Crew @ [0] Pts
Light Armour

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers; 200 points.

_ _ _ _ _

Also, if you don't clean up your file, you will make me angry and sad, and you don't want that, don't you?

On another note, it really helps if you give some information about how you intend to use the units listed, what armies you will likely be playing against and how competitive you are.


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Posting Lists from Army Builder and simular programs
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