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 Semi-Competitve 1850

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Khalifeth Drakh
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PostSubject: Semi-Competitve 1850   Semi-Competitve 1850 I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 12 2015, 02:03

Greetings all,

After becoming quite bored with my standard Venom Spam list, I've decided to go an alternate (yet still Venom spammy) route. I've subbed in a unit that I think will really help out against my Knight-heavy meta. But will it be enough? You help me decide! Despite Knights being as common as chips, my meta isn't particularly vehicle heavy with an odd exception or two (Guard players). I routinely face Marines of all 'flavors', Guard, Tyranids, Tau, Eldar and Necrons. Very rarely a Daemon player may surface. But DE, Orks (sadly), Sisters and CSM are all non-existent.

On to the list!

Quote :

- Archon w. Blaster, WWP
- 5x Kabalite Warriors in Venom, 2x Splinter Cannon
- 5x Kabalite Warriors in Venom, 2x Splinter Cannon
- 5x Kabalite Warriors in Venom, 2x Splinter Cannon
- 5x Kabalite Warriors in Venom, 2x Splinter Cannon
- 6x Reaver Jetbikes w. 2x Cluster Caltrops
- 5x Scourges w. 4x Haywire Blasters
- Razorwing Jetfighter w. 2x Dark Lances, 4x Monoscythe Missiles

- Haemonculus w. Scissorhand, WWP
- Talos w. Inchor Injector, TL-Splinter Cannon
- Cronos w. Spirit Probe

- (2x) 5x Wracks w. Ossefactor in Venom, 2x Splinter Cannon

- Autarch w. Fusion Gun
- 3x Windrider Jetbikes
- 5x Fire Dragons


Essentially the Archon, Autarch and Fire Dragons will portal in and go hunting (Knight(s) more than likely). A question immediately pops into my mind: is this unit too expensive/fragile for what it does? Would I be better served with Blasterborn in a Venom or more Scourges? I've never used this setup before, but I am interested to try it. I was thinking of trying to fit in a Fast Attack Raider as a boat for them to use, but it would only increase the cost of the unit. Thoughts?

The rest of the list seems pretty self-explanatory. I do worry that I'm too light on AT. Would you consider dropping the Razorwing for a DL Ravager? Or more Scourges? I own another Ravager and five more Scourges, so it is certainly a possibility. You may notice that the Scalpel Squadron seems a bit out of place - it is. But I really enjoy the idea of being able to use null deployment. Not that I necessarily will. Do you think that it's a waste of points for a tactic that I may not even use?

I still have 53 points to spend, so do keep that in mind if you have any suggestions. I could add a Heat Lance to the DA Talos, Heat Lances or HWBs on the Reavers, a few Blasters to the Warriors, etc.


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Semi-Competitve 1850
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