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 Can't wait for harlequins!

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Can't wait for harlequins! Empty
PostSubject: Can't wait for harlequins!   Can't wait for harlequins! I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 08 2015, 00:20

Hey guys,

I've been using most of the formations from the coven suppliment with fair success. Ive recently tried using only coven units but although realy fun, the lack of ranged AT makes it preety frustrating, so I've been pondering over what to ally them with...

Eldar bring brilliant ranged firepower, good objective grabers and powers, but my soul dies abit inside when I mix them lol

Dark eldar bring reavers which Have everything coven need help with, fast, rending and AT options but the rest of the codex units doesn't seem worthwhile, scourges are ok but easy to shift really, troops ( ha wyches) are just more anti troop which coven don't need help with...

But after reading about a possible harliquin release in the (nearish?) future, it seems it would mesh perfectly with a grotesquerie or corpse theif claw

I'm assuming a few things here but I think there fair assumptions...

Harlies still get rending; this means they could jump in, save grots when they get bogged down vs good armous saves and big nasties, harlies don't suffer over watch, win, win.

Harlies get wave serpents; brilliant, keep the squishes inside and that's a waste of the enemies str4 or less shots which won't do much, high str has to choose between armour and the monsters, and the latter protects the former from assault (which is how my serpents ALWAYS go down :p ) and it gives coven ranged AT

Harlies get melta pistols; I love the idea of a little pistol poping a huge tank! But with only taloi/ cronos being able to crack av14 a few melta pistols would help a lot, and provide some AT threat range.

FINGERS CROSSED, harlies gain obj secured;
This would be brilliant, when I've used only coven with no obj secured units it was just random fast troop transports flying at objectives I was sitting on, sacrificing a trukk etc to gain vp as everything stayed back, or small units of troops stealing everything, so annoying!. Obj secured harlies would mean a way of scoring much needed points for coven, and the serpents could go off and do this at range providing fire support.
Personally I don't see this one happening Sad

Sorry for the long post, I was just abit excited about what seems like would be a prefect synergy, and needed an outlet Smile
Bring on the space clowns!! - kuzz
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Can't wait for harlequins! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Can't wait for harlequins!   Can't wait for harlequins! I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 05 2015, 10:23

I'm with you on this one! Although I don't care much for their value on the field or their ability to take Wave Serpents, I absolutely love their models and and always have. Can't wait for the release to add some new plastic harleys to my metal and resin ones Smile
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Can't wait for harlequins!
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