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 Local Badab Campaign

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PostSubject: Local Badab Campaign   Local Badab Campaign I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 07 2015, 10:13

Hey all. Just wanted to post this up here incase anyone was interested in campaigns and wanted to follow the action. is our homepage and updates should be listed there.It has been hectic and intense and it just started. This has involved more work than imagined with 70+ players fighting in this campaign. This is all local and mainly involves players from louisville and indiana.

The Badab campaign started this past weekend. We typically do a 6 month 40k campaign then a fantasy but It's our first complex campaign. Badab has planet systems with different resources on each, sector maps to looks at and BFG games (battlefleet gothic).

Badab is basically about imperials vs chaos but we added in The forces of Ruin for DE, Tau, Eldar, Orks, etc. There's a campaign packet showing all the rules (which is a hefty read 80 pages). If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. We are looking for feedback and ideas. We have implemented some rule changes to make things slightly balanced. Following the tourny scene, we made the same changes to invisibility, limiting LoW and fliers. This should be a long and blood filled campaign!
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PostSubject: Re: Local Badab Campaign   Local Badab Campaign I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 07 2015, 12:22

Nice! Its awesome you guys opened it up to additional forces... I could definitley imagine the Eldar factions getting involved pursuing some enigmatic agenda amidst all the chaos. I remember hearing you guys on the Independent Characters podcast talking Kastorel-Novem. Like the addition of the LVO/BAO tourney rules in a campaign as well... this is what I call rocking 40k right!

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Local Badab Campaign
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