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 Kabal of the Dying Sun Splinter

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Kabal of the Dying Sun Splinter  Empty
PostSubject: Kabal of the Dying Sun Splinter    Kabal of the Dying Sun Splinter  I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 04 2015, 00:08

So I was originally going to make a completely original kabal but after id already painted most of my current units I found out that they were in the colors of the kabal of the dying sun.   So instead of repainting all of my guys i'm going to just say they are a splinter of the dying sun that
A) is on a continuous pirate raid
B) is trying to bring about the emergence of the eldar god of the dead (forgot his name)

I also decided to start a project log as well, though my first post will just be pictures of the christmas presents my fiance made me for christmas.

Not sure what this is supposed to be maybe a webway? But sill looks nice and even better after i paint the runes.
webway? 2
A random palm tree
palm tree
A wip tree with a portal in the center
portal tree
Ancient ruins
ancient eldar ruin 1
ancient eldar ruin 1 top view
ancient eldar ruin 2
ancient eldar ruin 2 top view
crystal ruin
crystal ruin top view
dark eldar webway
dark eldar webway top view
ancient eldar ruin 3
ancient eldar ruin 3 top view
A set of webway portal objective markers
webway objective markers
And two pieces of wip
wip mass grave
wip fountain
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Kabal of the Dying Sun Splinter
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