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 1500 cult list

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PostSubject: 1500 cult list   1500 cult list I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 01 2015, 23:06

Greetings all,

So to cut a long story short I haven't played DE since not too long after they were the new kids on the block back in 3rd/4th edition after my entire collection met  a fiery end Sad
Fast forward a 'few' years, after over hearing me discussing plans to finally rebuild my lost cult at some point with my sons, my wife surprises me with a brand new Shardstorm set and codex this Xmas giving me the perfect opportunity Very Happy

So to give me an idea of where I'm heading before i start building and converting I came up with the following list (aiming for 1500 points) and thought I'd run it by those with a bit more knowledge than me and see what you guys thought of it.

Succubus - Armour of Misery, Archite glaive  (110)

3 incubi - inc Klaivex
Venom - extra splinter cannon (135)

8 wyches - inc Hekatrix with agoniser
Raider - Dark Lance and nightshield (190)

8 wyches - inc Hekatrix with agoniser
Raider - Dark Lance and nightshield (190)

6 reavers - 2 cluster caltrops (126)

6 reavers - 2 cluster caltrops (126)

Razorwing - Dark Lances, monoscythe missiles (140)

5 scourges - 4 Haywire Blasters (120)

Beastpack - 3 clawed fiends, 2 khymera, beastmaster (120)
Beastpack - 10 khymera, 2 beastmasters (120)  

Basic tactics is to put succubus in with the incubi and use them for elite hunting (i believe the general consensus is grots are better for this but they don't fit aesthetically for me lol), the beasts run alongside the wyches in support and soak up overwatch whilst the reavers dart around applying additional pressure where needed/claiming objectives, and the scourges and Razorwing provide (admittedly limited) AT support.
This leaves me 123 points to spend.

The whole list is flexible as largely unpurchased so far but the theme isn't (i have other armies for 'competitive' play) so would prefer to only use cult units or the mercenary elements of commorragh. Any help would be greatly appreciated Very Happy
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1500 cult list
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