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 NEW: Hashtags & Tagging

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Sky Serpent
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Sky Serpent

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PostSubject: NEW: Hashtags & Tagging   NEW: Hashtags & Tagging I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 27 2014, 22:46

Hello my fellow Commorrites and welcome to a new update for the forum.


#omg #lol #archonswag

That's right folks, we can now introduce that thing you've been doing on Twitter and Facebook on our forum now.

I'll try and give a short explanation in easy to explain terms for those who don't about them as well as how to access the new features.


A hashtag or hashtagging is a way of linking similar subjects and conversations. For example if you type #tantalus in a topic then anyone will be able to click on that link and it will show a list of all other posts and threads with the same hashtags.

You can set up your own hashtag list so that you can follow any posts made with that hashtag. If you go to Profile, in the top right is a new section called Tags. Click on this and there is a dropdown menu that you can add all the hashtags that you want to follow. This could push blogging on the forum in a good way, for example Mushkilla could add #blackbuzzards to his post and if you had saved that hashtag, you'd get a notification everytime that hashtag is used.

You can now search for hashtags in the Search menu now too.


Tagging is very similar but is based on a username. If you were to type @Gobsmakked in a post, it would create a link that others could follow to his profile but most importantly it acts as an alert, meaning Gobs would get a notification that he had been tagged in a post.

If a member has any special characters or spaces in their name then you must use "'s, for example @Sky Serpent. It also won't work with people with b tags in their name or hashtags.

The update is not retroactive so any previously used hashtags and tags will not work.

I love this new update but please don't misuse it, expect the rules to be updated with new terms regarding hashtagging and tagging.

#update #imsohypedforharlequinsin2015



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PostSubject: Re: NEW: Hashtags & Tagging   NEW: Hashtags & Tagging I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 29 2014, 17:40

This is really cool! I looked forward to doing this in the blog

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PostSubject: Re: NEW: Hashtags & Tagging   NEW: Hashtags & Tagging I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 31 2014, 00:12

Thats awesome Sky... sometimes i forget threads that I've posted in and people reply and I just leave em hanging even though they've "tagged" me. Sweet!

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PostSubject: Re: NEW: Hashtags & Tagging   NEW: Hashtags & Tagging I_icon_minitime

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NEW: Hashtags & Tagging
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