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 1500 Realspace/Dark Artisan - Succubus HQ list

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1500 Realspace/Dark Artisan - Succubus HQ list Empty
PostSubject: 1500 Realspace/Dark Artisan - Succubus HQ list   1500 Realspace/Dark Artisan - Succubus HQ list I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 14 2014, 18:46

I used the Archon a lot in 6th and I'm trying to ween myself off him and use the Succubus. Here's a list that's actually 1501 points that I used against a Dark Angel list that did well (tabled DA) but looking for some feedback on improvements, or even legality.

Realspace Raiders Detachment

Succubus (Archite Glaive, WWP, Animus Vitae, Splinter Pistol)

3x Kabalite Warriors (9x, Splinter Cannon) in Raider (Dark Lance, Night Shields, Splinter Racks)

Fast Attack
Reavers (x5, 2x Cluster Caltrops) with Arena Champion (Agoniser)

Heavy Support
2x Ravagers (3x Dark Lances)

Formation Deatchment

Dark Artisan
Haemonculus (WWP, Liquifier Gun, Syndriq's Sump)
Cronos (Spirit Probe)
Talos (Chain Flails, TL Heat Lance)

The list I went against was 3x tactical marines and 3x predators and a feel no pain banner command squad with Ezekiel/Librarian.

To make a long story short I attached the succubus to the reavers (not sure if that's legal? but I can't see why not, they just have to move 6" at a time) and they came in first available turn along with Dark Artisan. Jinks and Dark Artisan unit drew a lot of fire. I did in the end lose a ravager and 2 raiders (and their squads) but the DA unit managed to say alive until the end. Did lose Succubus when she was left alone after an assault and got zapped by Lascannons lol!

Not sure how this would do against other lists since I've never really had difficulty playing Dark Angels to begin with. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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1500 Realspace/Dark Artisan - Succubus HQ list
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