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 Seeking advice playing against AM

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PostSubject: Re: Seeking advice playing against AM   Seeking advice playing against AM - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 17 2014, 00:56

My AM friend got called into work, so he had to cancel. Fortunately I was able to catch a game against a Necron player instead.

Quote :
Destroyer Lord W. Mindschackles, 2+ armour save
Overlord w. Mindschackles, 2+/3++, command barge
1 Lord
2x cryptex with Haywire thingies
2x 5 tesla immortals
5 gauss immortals
6 wraiths
2x 3 scarabs
2x 3 spyders
1 annihilation barge

Not a particularly overwhelming army. I rolled fairly bad with my lances, taking almost three full turns to kill his annihilation barge. The poison worked wonders, though, getting me first blood on his wraith, destroyer lord and a spyder. One jetfighter came on turn 2 and killed one group of 9 scarabs, the second whiffed all missiles. Up until turn 4 I was doing quite well. We played maelstrom plus Scouring, and I was ahead 10-6. But then his barge lord finally cought up, more or less killing 2 units per turn, one from drive-by hitting and one from assault. That chariot is next to impossible to handle, with his annoying 3+ invulnerability save...
In hindsight I should have held my bikes back to charge him for crap of HoW hit, but instead he got to charge me first. Other than that... I dont know... Ignore him and just deal with the rest?
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Seeking advice playing against AM
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