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 about formations

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PostSubject: about formations   about formations I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 04 2014, 08:18

so i would like to add a scarlet epicureans formation to my kabal army and I'm confused how this works. its 1 haemonculus 2 units of wracks and a talos. the question is can i field them separate from each other and they count as a formation or do all of them have to remain within 2 inches of each other like one massive blob. sorry if this is a stupid question. But same with the Corpsethief formation do all 5 talos have to be right next to each other?
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PostSubject: Re: about formations   about formations I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 04 2014, 08:34

The Corpsethief is a single unit and therefore has to maintain coherency in the usual way. The Epicureans though are separate units and do not need to remain together.

By the way, it's a Cronos, not a Talos in that formation.

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about formations
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