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 Doubles Tourney 1000pts of aggression!

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Doubles Tourney 1000pts of aggression! Empty
PostSubject: Doubles Tourney 1000pts of aggression!   Doubles Tourney 1000pts of aggression! I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 23 2014, 21:40

The plan for our next local doubles tourney! Each teammate gets 1000pts, allies rules a non-issue.

Dark Eldar Formation Detachments
Corpsethief Claw
3 Talos, TL-HWB, Chain-Flails
2 Talos, TL-HWB
Dark Artisan
Cronos, Spirit-Probe
Talos, Ichor Injector
Haemonculus, Hexrifle (warlord)

Space Marines Formation Detachment
Tyrannic War Veterans - Ultramarines chapter tactics
Chaplain Cassius (T6, fnp, fear, warlord)
5 Veterans w/hellfire rounds, melta bomb on sarge
6 Stormtalons, skyhammers

So we've got 6 AV11 flyers that can hover, have infiltrate, and can start the game on the board in hover mode. 5 MEQ and a scary T6 Chaplain with bolters that have 2+ poison ammo.
7 T7 MCs with 4+ FNP and likely re-rolling 1s due to being close to the Dark Artisan's Warlord Trait.

This combo brings plenty of skyfire, plenty of high S shooting from the Stormtalons to deal with light armour and infantry (with strafing run, no less), enough Haywire to deal with Land Raiders and such, and plenty of tough CC wood-chippers. Not to mention due to being almost entirely AV11 flyers or T7 MCs with 3+/4+ re-roll 1s fnp, and nearly entirely fearless, it should be remarkably difficult for most opponents to put down.
Plus the Scouting Corpsethief Claw scores extra VP for CC unit kills.

Thoughts? Where are the weaknesses, asides from the Talos being slow?
Only consideration was Syndriq's Sump instead of the Hexrifle, but figured there is enough CC punch to deal with everything as-is and since they're slogging they'd get a few turns to shoot out heavy weapons and the like.

I dedicate these deaths to Odin Allfather, Spearshaker, One Eye.
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Doubles Tourney 1000pts of aggression! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Doubles Tourney 1000pts of aggression!   Doubles Tourney 1000pts of aggression! I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 24 2014, 01:25

Just one word: wow!

Please post reports of these battles Smile
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Doubles Tourney 1000pts of aggression!
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