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 a Rules debate at the FLGC...

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Lost Vyper
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Lost Vyper

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a Rules debate at the FLGC... Empty
PostSubject: a Rules debate at the FLGC...   a Rules debate at the FLGC... I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 21 2014, 09:15


Every now and then, comes a situation, that makes a simple rule (RAW vs. RAI) in to a heated conversation in our FLGC. About a year ago, it was the Drop pods (you measure from the HULL, not from the opened doors, that in actuality are not there anymore, when the pod crashes down) and now it´s Jinking and Open topped -vehicles. My friend is dead set on the "fact", that after Jinking, the crew must fire snap shots (while inside the fe. Raider)...I´ve posted the Jinking rule (a photo from the book) in the email, which is send to every player in our FLGC. In my opinion, there´s nowhere in the rules, that i should snap shoot. He states, that it´s the unit that Jinks (in his mind fe. Raider+Warriors+Haemie) and then snap shoots. In the rule it states, "If the UNIT (with a JINK special rule) Jinks, all models in the unit (so just the vehicle itself, passengers don´t even have the JINK special rule) with this special rule, gain 4+ cover save. " We have some houserules, that just ease the gaming experience, but this one doesn´t fit in to that category. I already said, that´s ok, that a stunned/immobilized vehicle can´t Jink, cos that´s just logical.
I got so annoyed, that i posted a reply email, that suggested, that if that´s the Jinking rule, maybe the flamers do now d3 hits inside, cos hey, maybe they´ll miss some guys. I would understand this, if the OPV´s got a huge boost in the 7th, but they got just the 4+ Jink and the passengers now get flamed, which in our Dark kind, is way worse IMHO...

I really don´t know what to do. I only have maybe a one Raider in the game and the passengers from my two Venoms seldom shoot (Wracks/Wyches).

I might do just so, that´ll CHEESE the F*** out of every list, just to tick him off... Very Happy
Use my Raiders as Ravagers or something, i don´t know. We´ll have to see, what the other players think about...

Any advise?

- Lost Vyper

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a Rules debate at the FLGC... Empty
PostSubject: Re: a Rules debate at the FLGC...   a Rules debate at the FLGC... I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 21 2014, 09:18

Moved to Rules forum - Count Adhemar

Edit - There's already an ongoing discussion on this subject here so I'd ask you please to use that thread and I'll lock this one.

a Rules debate at the FLGC... YhBv3Wk
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a Rules debate at the FLGC...
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