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 Wych/Coven army composition

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Wych/Coven army composition Empty
PostSubject: Wych/Coven army composition   Wych/Coven army composition I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 06 2014, 21:46

Hi all, after lurking in the darkest parts of the dark city for the past few weeks I have decided to stick my neck out and make myself known.

I have recently began collecting Dark Eldar however I have wanted to for a while and this latest codex seemed like a good point to start. My first ever army was Tau: yuck I know! Then more recently it has been Black templars.

Long story short I am obsessed with CC. Nothing is more satisfying than running through a fleeing enemy. So to continue with that theme I have decide that using a wych cult along with some Coven seems to be the best of both worlds. As such I have slightly handcuffed myself because I won't be making use of kabalite warriors, scourge, ravagers or fliers; basically anything that has some decent anti tank/ strong shooting abilities.

I have thought a bit about it and I think that I can provide alot of the fire support via DSing hellions and reavers have pretty good AT even when they don't shoot. What I would like to ask more is about play styles and deployment, is it better to WWP Coven or mass wyches? should I turbo wyches via ravager in the first turn or is that too expensive for what they provide? Also does anyone else feel that bloodbrides should have access to better wargear than wyches? I mean if you compare them to what trueborn can have it is quite sickening, also why only 15 wyches in a squad? *moan moan moan*

Cheers for the input

A lowly Succubus
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Wych/Coven army composition
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