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 DE vs Orks - around 1200 points

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DE vs Orks - around 1200 points Empty
PostSubject: DE vs Orks - around 1200 points   DE vs Orks - around 1200 points I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 24 2011, 13:19

First off sorry about the vague point value my opponent recently got a fair few more models and isn't sure where he stands point wise.

While I am not sure what way his units will be upgraded or whether he'll be fielding lots of small squads or fewer big ones (although I think this is most likely) I do have the advantage of knowing the units he will be taking (see below) Fortunately this does not work both ways as me DE army is vastly bigger than his Orks currently are . Pretty much the idea with this list is purely to shoot him to death before he gets a chance to assault. Although i'll probably get lynched by you's for lack of transports lol.

Ork Units (apologies if some of the names are wrong, but i'm not too familiar with ork unit names)

Ghazgull (small chance of a second warboss as well as Ghaz)
Boys (likely put into one 30 man squad)
Nobz (i'd guess two squads)
Three deffcoptas
Thee kans (pretty sure one squad again)
One deff dread
Big Mek
Battlewagon (assuming burnas will be in wagon)


Duke Sliscus

Ten Kabalite Warriors
-Splinter Cannon

Ten Kabalite Warriors
-Splinter Cannon

Ten Kabalite Trueborn
-Ten Shardcarbines

Six Kabalite Trueborn (Dedicated Raider -Night Shield)
-Four Blasters
-Two Dark Lances

Heavy Support
-Disntigrator Cannons
-Splinter Cannons
-Necrotoxin Missile

-Night Shields

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DE vs Orks - around 1200 points Empty
PostSubject: Re: DE vs Orks - around 1200 points   DE vs Orks - around 1200 points I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 24 2011, 16:54

The only danger I see for you is that you only have three units capable of hurting his Battlewagon/Kans/Dredd. If he gets first turn probably his deffkoptas can kill one of those three units. At that point you could start to have some difficulties taking down the walkers and wagon.

Other than that, you have a massive dakka oriented gunline force that can easily shoot him apart as he footslogs towards you. DE can be custom built to kill Orks quite easily.

DE vs Orks - around 1200 points K93hWhs
DE vs Orks - around 1200 points L1RsnGX
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DE vs Orks - around 1200 points
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