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 1850 Crazy Anti-Meta List Needs Help

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PostSubject: 1850 Crazy Anti-Meta List Needs Help   1850 Crazy Anti-Meta List Needs Help I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 02 2014, 16:42

I'm not actually thinking of bringing this list to Nova, but my local group tends to play in that style. So it's 1850, no FW, only 2 detachments, blah, blah.

First, the list:
RSR (Primary)
Archon: Aggie, PGL, Shadowfield, Misery
Haemie: Crucible, Scissor, Archangel, WWP

1x3 Grots

2x5 Warriors: Blaster, Venom (Dual SC)

2x RazorwingJF: Lances
2x6 Reavers: HL, CC
2x5 Scourge: HWB

Talos:Ichor, HL

Culexus Assassin

General Strat
MCs and bikes start on the board, assassin infiltrates depending on opponent, everything else reserved.
The basic idea is to have the MCs threaten/distract while everything else does its job. All the fast attack is geared for both AT and AI. Troops will try to survive as long as possible.
The kicker is to get psykers (Craftworlders, Daemons, GK) caught between the assassin and the grot bomb.  Playing Tau? Drop the bomb in its face and go to lunch. The assassin then gets a little mid-strength shooting during the psychic phase.

Now the issues:
The list is over by 22 points. I have already switched 1 Talos for a Cronos, cut the warriors down from gunboats to venoms, replaced 2 bike squads with razorwings (the missiles are a weakness of mine), and gutted the grots. I'm just not sure where else to make changes.

The list at this point feels like it's trying to do too much. Basically everything feels a bit weak. At this point, I'm looking mostly at effectiveness on paper. Playtesting will come once I have a legal list.

Any and all help appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 Crazy Anti-Meta List Needs Help   1850 Crazy Anti-Meta List Needs Help I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 02 2014, 16:58

The Crucible is a pretty sub-standard piece of wargear as it can't target the psyker with the wounds, so even if you hit multiple units and psykers, you're only going to do a small handful of wounds to some mooks more than likely.

Also, quick thought, the Reavers will likely be jinking a lot, therefore making the heat lances kind of wasted points.

Dropping both of those would net you 40 points, leaving you a legal list with 18 points to spare. Easy option would be a liquifier, as if you're already DSing with no scatter you might as well have a shooting attack with some bite on landing.

1850 Crazy Anti-Meta List Needs Help K93hWhs
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1850 Crazy Anti-Meta List Needs Help
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