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 Mixed Shooting/Assault strategy

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PostSubject: Mixed Shooting/Assault strategy   Mixed Shooting/Assault strategy I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 29 2014, 03:14

If you all could provide feedback on the following ideas, it would be appreciated.  It is for a general strategy/tactic to provide for a mixed Kabalite/Wych force with mixed Splinter fire and assault elements.  Coven units have been limited (personal taste), but I’m not opposed to them entirely.  I’m hoping for feedback on maximizing the idea.  How can I make this idea work the best?  While I'm hoping to focus on the concepts more than specific units or massive changes, I'm open to feedback on both; I just like the idea of a mixed force and want to make it as effective as possible.


General Army List Ideas: maximize transports/speed.  Minimize slow/static units.  About a 50/50 split on shooting/assault units.  Provide for one or two units to mess with the enemy, such as a WWP unit or two. Grots or Fire Dragons seem like a good reason for the enemy to turn around…

Turn 1-2, maximize mobility to setup a flanking action.  Prioritize enemy transports to open up infantry units.  It may even be worth sacrificing an entire turn to move flat out with all units and minimize return fire for a turn (if possible – pesky 72” Guard may make that difficult some games).

Turn 1-3, maximize shooting on enemy transports and peppering infantry units to move to manageable sizes.

Turn 3-4, assault a flank with everything and try to crush it.

Turn 5, profit.

Some potential downsides I see:  The enemy general can more fully respond to turn 1 shenanigans if a flank isn’t hit until turn 3/4.  There may not be enough assault units left if waiting until turn 3/4.  If multiple units are brought down turn 2, an Autarch may be necessary to provide better reserves control.

What do you think of this strategy for use with Dark Eldar and a potentially small Eldar contingent?
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Mixed Shooting/Assault strategy Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mixed Shooting/Assault strategy   Mixed Shooting/Assault strategy I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 29 2014, 06:30

Were gonna have to see an army list to really go into the tactic. But I'll go ahead and throw out some stuff that I might do.

I know you said limiting coven but Grots would definitely be worthwhile for you to bring as part of the melee aspect. I like wychs and stand by them to this day. With the new codex it wasn't a bummer for me to lose the HWG on all wychs. Iv'e explained this elsewhere but 10 wychs in a raider with aether sails and full 3 weapons is a fun unit and can lend to nice table controll. The ability for a OS unit to tie up units in CC and tarpit them for a turn or two is invaluable to me. In an all shooty list denying units to shoot is a good strategy. I would suggest lots of venoms for you put warriors with Blasters in the venoms and you have a nice alpha strike multi use MSU. Probably bring some RZWF and Scourges.

2 units raider wychs
4 units warriors venoms
1 hq with grots
1-2 RZWF
1-2 Scourges
(Get 3 talos and use that unit and watch your opponent tangibly fear something)
Archon with venom and blaster to mimic the warriors
some trueborn in venoms.

Pretty high alpha strike aspect and has nice T2 Vehicle closure which might I add is very convenient for getting those wychs into combat t2.

Now on to your tactica: If you are going first. Aether sails on ravagers and raiders.

Split your troops and leadership along either side of the board. Place your ravagers and such in the middle. So 1 wych and 2 warriors on each side ravagers in middle.

Turn one chances are your opponent will have castled his force so he can solo out a side of your army. Full throttle your ravagers to the side they are needed. start working the other end of the board towards the enemy. The 36" range on those venoms is key to getting most of your army shooting T1.

If the ravagers have something to shoot at with 36" that is likely but losing aerial assault really sucks.

Your RZWF and Scourges hopefully come in turn two to help out the table edge you need as your other side is getting there. Larg pie plates really help on the RZWF and castle deployments. upgrading to S7 missiles isnt a bad idea i tried it you can glance vehicles with it and when you drop all 4 or 8 depending on your FA slot it can really hurt.

There are plenty of things you can do.

If you go second: You are really set up to put the hurting down on your opponent by being able to place after them. You can really work the flank here unless the person castled. If someone castles and are playing maelstrom you can make them come to you if you would wish. Start camping objectives and try to stay at max ranges.

Or you can just go all out and shove your models down the opposing generals throat. Depends on personal play style.

Games dictate themselves so you are going to have to make crack decisions. Which will be a result of your specific tactica.

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Mixed Shooting/Assault strategy
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