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 New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!)

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Barking Agatha
Barking Agatha

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New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Empty
PostSubject: New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!)   New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 23 2014, 06:49

This is the last of the three games trying out the new codex. As I said here: this isn't exactly the army I would choose, it's just a list to try out the new stuff until I can get some other ideas going!

This one was tough...

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Start_zps580420eb

We got the Coven Altar of War mission 'Vanish in the Gloom', in which you get points for each enemy unit that you kill, and also the Eldar would get another VP if there were any of my units still on the table at the end (I'm allowed to escape out of my own border).

My Warlord Trait was +1 to WS (hmm...) and my drugs were +1 to Ld (not the best, but actually worked out great). It wasn't Night Time. His Warlord Trait is the one that gives -1 to my Reserve rolls, which hurt a lot!

You see he has deployed four Waving Ser-pants, two Faywrays, and a Sightseer on a bike with three warlocks (I let him borrow mine, 'cos his aren't painted yet). I've deployed the Pink Candy Raider, the Blue Candy Raider, the Tangerine Raider, the Snow Venom, the Acolytes' Venom, and the Circus of Blades Reavers.

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) One_zpsc9d78303

The Venoms put four wounds on one Faywray. The Dark Lances on the Candy Raiders took 2 Hull Points from a Waving Ser-pants. The Circus of Blades charged another Waving Ser-pants and killed it, but 10 Dire Aveenos came out of it and shot them up. The Sightseer and Warlocks also shot them up, and used Mind War on them. Only one reaver survived all this. The Tangerine Raider was wrecked (Serpantsy Shield... can't do anything about it!), and 6 Wyches killed by the Faywray. The Snow Venom exploded, killing 2 Snow Madds, and the last 3 Snow Madds were also shot up (and killed!). The Acolytes' Venom was immobilised.

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Three_zps9158e4e1

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Three2_zpsff2af482

Nothing arrives from reserve, because of that damned Sightseer's Warlord Trait! The four surviving Tangerine Madds charge a Waving Ser-pants and kill it with the Hekatrix's Haywire Grenade (the plasmas might have done it, but we didn't need to roll for that). Of course, ten Aveenos come out and shoot them, but two survive. Then they assault them, and one survives and passes her Ld, but decides to use 'Hit And Run' (all my guys have it in this mission), and get out of it.

The immobilised Acolytes' Venom puts another wound on the Faywray (so close!) The Candy Packs take two Hull Points from the Ser-pants in the ruins. The other Faywray shoots at the Blue Candies and forces them to Jink. The Pink Candies immobilise themselves in a Ruin!

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Four_zps150822a2

The Heirs of Loathing (Trueborn) arrive. They wreck the Waving Ser-pants in the ruin (10 more Aveenos come out). Their Venom, the Pink Candies, and the Blue Candies all shoot at the Faywray and put 5 wounds on it. These Faywrays are weird: you can leave them with only one wound left very easily, but it's almost impossible to cause them that last wound! After the fifth one, nothing hits, or nothing wounds, or everything gets saved!

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Four2_zps1b66fa64

The Sightseer and Warlocks move to threaten the Acolytes stuck on that roof. The last Waving Ser-pants goes flat out to do the same (it had jinked anyway). Agatha arrives on the Horrorcraft and shoots up two Aveenos.

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Four3_zps8564df37

This Faywray (one wound left!) kills the Blue Candy Raider and charges the Blue Candy Pack, killing just one. They use Hit And Run to get out of there and into the ruin.

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Four4_zps39d0311e

This other Faywray (also one wound left!) charges the Horrorcraft and kills it, harming no one inside.

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Four5_zpsbdd8bda7

These two Wakwackers (that I'd forgotten to mention) kill the Pink Candy Raider and assault the disembarked Pink Candy Pack. They kill no one, but also can't be hurt by them. They fail the Hit'n'Run.

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Four6_zps92243101

The Sightseer and Warlocks kill the Acolytes' Venom and assault them. The acolytes fail to do one single wound to them (not 'one single unsaved wound', mind you. I mean not a single wound!), and all get killed.

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Last-Tangerine_zps4c80d4c4

And this was the most amazingly cool thing! The last survivor of the Tangerine Madds climbed aboard a wrecked Ser-pants and threw a plasma grenade at the Dire Aveenos in that ruin, killing four of them, causing them to fail a Morale Test and flee off the table! Here you see them already gone. Yeah, you better run, Craftworlders!

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Four7_zps0c1408ac

Morbith and her babies finally arrive, as do the Flock of Heartrip Eyrie (scourges). The Flock takes two Hull Points from the last Waving Ser-pants. The Talos hits it with its haywire blaster, it fails to jink... and then I roll a '1'  Sad  The Heirs' Venom and the Blue Candy Pack shoot everything at the Faywray, and fail to do the last wound on it to kill it. Sad  The Pink Candy are still stuck in combat with those two wakwakers.

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Five_zps36eb72c7

The Sightseer and Warlocks shoot at Morbith and her babies and charge them! I don't know what they were thinking. The Warlocks are all killed, and the Sightseer survives with one wound.

New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) End_zps070d87e3

The other Faywray (one surviving wound) charges Agatha and the Grots. With S10 this could have been bad, instant-deathing grots who wouldn't be able to use Feel-No-Pain, but as it happens the Grots kill it with wounds to spare, and no one was hurt. Smile

And at the end of Turn 4 we stopped because he had to go to a doctor's appointment.

Technically, I lost 12 to 9 points, including the one from my guys still being on the table. But...

... really, if there had been even one more turn? His Sightseer has only one wound left, and is fighting a Talos, a Cronos, and Morbith. His other Faywray also only has one wound left, and surely must run out of luck sometime! That last Waving Ser-pants has only one Hull Point left, and the scourges are there...

And that was with very, very bad reserve rolls due to that annoying Warlord Trait that he got!

Conclusion, after three tests: Either I suddenly got more clever, or the new codex has just made the Dark Eldar a lot better. Obviously I did not get more clever, as that is humanly impossible -- unless I'd been bitten by a radioactive Stephen Hawking, but that has not happened. Therefore the Dark Eldar are just much better now. It makes sense!

I need to get painting; there is a lot of new stuff that I want to try! Very Happy
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New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!)   New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!) I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 23 2014, 08:16

Im liking the altar of war missions mostly. But has anyone else noticed that this particular mission doesnt seem to work as per the rules?

If the game ends and all the coven players units are off the board, the coven player gets a VP, if not the opponent does.

What if the coven player gets all his units off turn 5 and the game doesnt end? The youve flat out lost the game as per the rules.

They probably shouldve removed random game length from this one.
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New Codex Part 3 - v. Eldar (Pics!)
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