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 Viable Kabal 1850 List?

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PostSubject: Viable Kabal 1850 List?   Viable Kabal 1850 List? I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 23 2014, 03:16

Since 5th edition I have always preferred what I refer to as Kabal+ which in my mind is everything in my army has to have at least a 5+ AS, which lets me include Scourges and Incubi, even though they aren't directly Kabal related in the fluff; yes I include Venoms, but that's somehow less of a concern for me (possibly cause they're vehicles and anyone can presumably drive them).  Anyway, below is my 1850 list using the Realspace Raiders detachment.  I'm curious what everyone thinks:

Archon w/ Blaster and personal Venom w/ dual cannons

3x10 warriors w/ a SC in Raiders w/ Splinter Racks and Dark Lances
2x5 warriors w/ Blaster in Venoms w/ dual cannons

Fast Attack
Razorwing w/ Dissie cannons, monoscythes, and just the TL splinter rifle
3x5 Scourges w/ 4 blasters each
2 standalone Venoms w/ dual cannons

Heavy Support
2 Tri Lance Ravagers

1850 on the nose!

Tactics wise I think I would start everything on the board minus the Razorwing, Archon, and Scourges; the latter units would deep strike where needed.  This gives me 9 lance shots starting off with 4 Venoms on the board, plus the warrior gunboats.  Following HEROs idea of advancing firepower, things would move up to get the warrior Blasters in range while the Scourges hopefully come on quickly and having three units allows for some redundancy.  I have usually preferred HWB on the Scourges, but I think in a varied meta like mine (some heavy mech lists and some heavy foot lists) the Blaster becomes more useful as a general tool.  Questions/comments from anyone?


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Viable Kabal 1850 List?
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