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 Round Robin Tournament

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PostSubject: Round Robin Tournament   Round Robin Tournament I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 21 2014, 00:11

My list:
Haemi /w Scissorhand & Liquifier
3x Grotestues +2 Liquifiers
Aberation (Warlord)/w Agonizer
in Raider /w Dark Lance, Nightshields
10x Warriors /w Splinter Cannon
in Raider /w Disintegrator, Splinter Racks, & NightShield
10x Warriors /w Splinter Cannon
in Raider /w Disintegrator, Splinter Racks, & NightShield
5x Warriors /w Blaster
in Venom /w 2nd Splinter Cannon
Fast Attack
Razorwing (no upgrades)
5x Scourges /w 4x haywire Blasters
Heavy Support
Ravager /w 3x Dark Lance
Ravager /w 3x Dark Lance
Reaper /w Flickerfield

Suppose to be a Tournament, but only 3 other people showed (probably because we shifted Warhammer Sunday a week earlier than usual, normally last Sunday of each Month).

We decided to round robin it, so everyone faced everyone.

VS Blue Marines

HQ (this is as accurate as I can guess, not that familiar with the army) he had army wide Feel No Pain 6+, and actually made alot of those saves.
Special Character - Eternal Warrior, 3+ invulnerable, Artificer Armour, powerfist
5x Marines /w Combi Flamers
in Drop Pod
6 Marines
10 Marines (some upgrades)
10 Marines (some upgrades)
9 Marines (some upgrades, joined by Special character)
Heavy Support
Dreadnaught /w 2x Powerclaw 2x Heavy Flamers
in Droppod
Dreadnaught /w 2x Powerclaw, multi-melta

Mission Cleanse the Alien (aka, kill everything) Set up Normal. (warlord trait, Rage off Dark Eldar list)
He hold all drop pods in reserve (you know because he has to), Sets up 3 units to trudge across board. I set up my tanks just outside of his units range other than one missile launcher, holding Scourges and Razorwing in Reserve.

He drop pod assaults turn 1, bring in both Dreadnaughts right next to my army. Double heavy flamers on Raider, killing 6 warrior inside (including Splinter cannon). He doesn't like the Venom, and tries to Multi-melta it, I jink (not sure why, should have just tried to flicker field it) Jink saves with a 5. He tries to missile launcher full raider, I jink, save there as well.

My turn 1, Grots Raider, moves full 12' to Missile Launcher Marine Squad, (during shooting, it flat outs another 18' to be right next to them). Reaper positions for a Rear armour shot against multimelta Dread, Ravager 1 and venom position to shoot anti-tank at either Drop Pod or Multimelta Dread if its still around. Ravager 2, shoots triple guns into Heavy Flamer Dread, failing to beat armour. 3 Dark lances, 1 Blaster, and Storm Vortex Projector fail to cause a single glance on Mulimelta Dread. Full warrior squad fires 9 splinter shots into a normal 10 man marines squad (kill a few), Splinter cannon just out of range (Salvo sucks).

Marine Turn 2, drop pod with Combi-flamer marines comes in, fires all 5 into Raider with full squad inside, incinerating all 10. Rocket Launcher knocks a Dark Lance off Ravager 2. Player still has a hard on for destroying Venom, Multi-melta's again, this time I don't jink, and make my flickerfield save. He blows up Raider with Melta gunner and bolters causes 1 wound to Normal Grot and 1 wound to Haemi. He moves all ground troops forward, but over his turn forgets to assault with both Dreadnoughts. ( I knew he forgot, and really I should have told him, looking from the start I didn't need any help winning this)

My turn 2, Razorwing, shoots 2 missiles and 2 Disintegrators at Special character unit, killing 6 guys. Grots shoot only 2 of 3 liquifiers (don't want to kill to many, I want to be outnumbered for Rampage), killing 3 guys from Rocket launcher unit, they assault, mop floor with Marines, but attack simultaneos, take another would to already injured normal Grot. Reaper takes off one weapon on Multimelta Dread, Ravager 1 finishes it off, Venom and guys inside finish off normal 10 man squad that took a few casualties earlier. Ravager 2, causes 2 glances on Flamer Dread.

Marine Turn 3, 6 man squad and 9 man squad with special character fire full out at Grots, causing 2 more wounds, both on uninjured models. Flamer Dread takes out Ravager 2, Combi-flamer guys try to shoot down venom with bolters, no glances rolled.

My Turn 3, Scourges drop in and finish off Flamer Dread, Razor wing pivots moves forward, and reduces 6 mans squad to ash. Grotesques run forward, fire all 3 liquifiers (already outnumber them no point in holding back), killing none (yeah for 5+ to flame thrower), in combat, all but Special Character dies, but I loose Haemi (Haemi challanged) and one grot. I win he passes Moral.

Marine Turn 4, he eliminates one grotesque causing only one wound, I cause none back, I pass moral with a roll of 3. I also eliminate 2 drop pods and 5 man combi-flamer squad, he is left with special character and one drop pod now.

My Turn 4, he kills one grot, dealing 2 wounds, I deal none-back. I now need double 1's to not run, I fail, he catches them rolling a 6 (intiative 5 guy, vs 4 grots). Razorwing Flies off board.

Marine Turn 5, he casually strolls over and assaults Scourges. Scourges loose only 2 guys, fail leadership, out run special guy, and stop just shy of table edge.

My Turn 5, Scourges pass moral check, Razor wing comes back on board. Everything fires into Special Guy, Razorwing with 2x Disintegraters, 1x Splinter Rifle, 4 rifles and blaster in Venom, Venom, 2x Disintegrators of the Raiders, leaving him at 1 wound left. Well, I'll try with the 3 lonely Scourges, they have to snapfire, roll on 6, on shard carbine, it wounds, he rolls to save, rolls a 1, and then fails his 5+ feel no pain. And there is game.

VS Space Wolves
Objetives with Random Values objective mission, Diagonals deployment (warlord Trait; Fear yipeee!)

HQ - on Wolf back, Powerfist, Artificer Armour (or Terminator, not sure which), 3+ invulnerable
Elites - Two Marines on Wolfback, with Storm Shields ( I image some form of Power fist?), with 2 normal wolves for wound absorption (joined by Wolf Warlord)
Troops - I think the 2x squads of 6 bikers were troops, he may have been using a formation, don't know.
Heavy Support - 2x Squads of long fangs (5 guys each, with 4x Rocket Launchers)
A Dreadnought, with Auto cannon
Also a Drop pod /w 5 guys with Combi Melta's

My Turn 1, I start as close to him as possible, he sets up rather close to me.
I eliminate 1 squad of long fangs between both Raiders of Warrior and the Venom. With spair shots I kill both normal wolf dogs, one Biker, and 2 guys out of other Long Fangs unit. Reaper shoots Dreadnought, removing 2 hullpoints, and making it snapshoot next turn)

Wolf Turn 1, Drop pod comes down behind Raider 1, it jinks he failes to injure with Combi-meltas.
He kills Ravager 2 with Longfangs, Dreadnought causes one pen on Grot Raider through Jinking and having to Snapfire. He drives and turbo boosts Biker Squad 1 next to Reaper. Biker Squad 2, assaults Ravager 1, killing it with power fist quite easily. Wolfriders move up closer to my stuff.

My turn 2, Scourges deep strike in, finishing off dreadnought, rather sacrificially as they are out completely in open. Reaper full outs opposite side of board near his long fangs (no vehicles to really shoot at), Move one raider up high, but with in 12' of WolfLord. One raider backs up to drop pod marines fire all 10 warriors into them, only kill one guy. Both Raider disintigrators, venom, venom warriors, and one raiders warriors poor shots into Wolf Lord unit, causing one wound onto Wolflord, and wiping rest of his unit.

Wolf Turn 2, WolfLord assaults and kills Scourges. Longfangs try to Kill Raider 1 up high, only blow off its gun. Bikers chase Reaper to other side of board, unable to assault or cause injury with shots as it jinks. Biker 2 attempts to shoot down and assault Grots Raider, (they don't deal any damage in shooting), and the wall of fire kills one Biker leaving them just out of assault range that was rolled. Drop pod guys try to injure Raider, fail to get through flicker, and in close combat cause to glances but no pens.

My Turn 3, Grots move forward, assault and wipe out Bikers 2 with out taking an injury. Reaper Hightails it again, man that thing moves fast with a Aether sail. Razorwing comes on board, unloads 2 missiles and 2 disintegrator shots into Biker 1 squad killing only one guy (he made some good jink save rolls there). Last of Drop pod squad gets eliminated.

Wolf Turn 3, Wolflord Assaults Venom and kills it, only one Warrior dies in explosion, they pass pinning test. Longfangs fail to injure up high Raider though jinking. He boots biker over the 4 point objective. I have only one objective right now, a 3 point under Venom Warriors.

My Turn 4, Razorwing move and eliminates Long Fangs. Everything else but Reaper concentrates fire on Wolflord, he dies. Move one raider over 2 point objective, Pile Grots back into there Raider, move Raider to assault Bikers for next turn. Only thing he has left is Bikers, he calls the game.

I have first Blood, Line Breaker, Slay  the warlord, he only has Line Breaker.

VS Tau

HQ - Special Character that give +1 shot for his unit if they don't move
Elites - 2x Suit squad set to deep strike, twin linked plasma and normal Missile pods
2nd unit of 2x suits set up same way
12 Fire Warriors join by Special Character
12 Fire Warriors guys in Devil Fish (/w +1 Cover bonus)
5-6 Pathfinders
Fast Attack
16 Drone ( by themselves, not used to this)
6 drones ( by themselves)
20 Kroot /w some kroot hounds and Krootox set to outflank
Heavy SUpport
Hammerhead /w Ion cannon and +1 cover bonus
2x Broadsides, with Twinlink super Missile pods (4 shots, no cover) and twin linked High yield missile pod gun that does allow cover joined with 4 shield Drones.

Mission: Ancient Relic (drag the one objective mission) Deployment, Long way. Warlord Trait (fearless bubble)

He has turn 1, He places places Broadsides in forest with perfect vision over Objective. Behind them in a Ruins are 12 Fire Warriors /w Special character, also able to see objective. To the side of the ruins is the Hammerhead (this is his left flank). To his right flank he has a devilfish, with guys loaded inside, and in the tall building next to it, Pathfinders are hiding with good view of almost the entire board.

I place everything in the opposite corner from Broadsides, so they can't fire at anything turn one. Really only thing that can make range is Pathfinders and Hammerhead.

I fail to steal initiative

Tau Turn 1.
He marker lights up Raider 1 and after I jink, he ignores cover he immobilizes it and removes its gun with Hammerhead.

My Turn 1.
Everything moves forward to his right flank. I kill half the Pathfinders, fail to get even one glance through his 3+ jinking on either vehicle. Warriors get out of there now useless raider and climb in building with good view over objective. Grots Raider full outs right next to Devilfish.

Tau Turn 2.
He deep strikes in big unit of drones, in between venom and pathfinders, deep strikes small unit of drones on objective, and deep strikes 2 Suits behind all my tanks. (even with re-rolls to reserves he fails to bring is 2nd unit of suits or the kroot). Firewarriors unload from Devilfish, it takes everyshot from Devilfish, those firewarrirors, and Pathfinders to bring down Grot-Raider. Broadsides than fire everything into Grots, only killing 2. Big Drone unit, bust open the Venom. Hammerhead attempts to shoot down Reaper, cause one pen that shakes crew. 2 Suits in back try to shoot down one Ravager, it jinks, looses one lance.

My Turn 2.
Jetfighter comes in shoots 2 missiles and 2 disintegrators, at Broadsides, kills 3 drones. Grots liquify Firewarriors down to only 2 guys, then multiassault devilfish and firewarriors, fail to injure vehicle or Firewarriors, combat draw (Haemi onlything that attacked Firewarrirors, rolled alot of '1's). Tons of fireing reduce the big drone unit in half, kill all but 2 Pathfinders, and fail to glance the devilfish through its 3+ jink save. Kill 1 Suit in my back field. Warriors in building shoot down some of the small drone unit.

Tau Turn 3.
2nd unit of suits drop in my backfield they take out a ravager, Kroot fail again to make reserve despite the re-roll he has. Firewarriors squad /w special character and Broadsides fire full out at Jetfighter, it jinks, nothing gets through. Hammerhead blows up Reaper. Single man suit unit fails to injure anything. Devilfish Destroys other ravager. Large drone unit, glance the full raider down. Grots wipe out Firewarrior unit.

My Turn 3.
Scourges deep strike in and get one glance through hammerheads jink save. Grots run toward large unit of drones, flame and assault them to finish them off. Pathfinder get wiped out by venom's unit.
Warrior unit 1 and 2, dedicate shots to killing suits in backfield, killing 2 leaving 1. Jetfighter flys off the board.

Tau turn 4.
Kroot outflank near scourges, fire 40 some shots easily wiping them out. Last Suit runs away.

My Turn 4.
I fail to kill last suit with guys, Grots hide out of line of sight. Jetfighter comes back on board, 2 missiles, 2 disintegrator, cut kroot down to maybe 6 guys, they start fleeing.

Tau turn 5.
He disconnects drones from each vehicle, move the now 3 units of drones toward objective. Kroot recover from running. He fires missile pods ignore cover at Warriors from venom, taking them out. Fires of 36 some shots from Firewarrior unit /w special character at Jetfighter, it jinks, but still looses a disintegrator.

I have a mostly spent Jetfighter, a Immobilzed weaponless Raider, a full 10 man squad of warriors, 2 Grots /w haemi hiding because anywhere they move will expose them to more firepower than they can take, and a partial unit of warrior (they lost a few when raider blew up). He has a 3 small units of drones, a small unit of kroot, a single suit in my backfield, 2 broadsides with one drone left, an untouched unit of fire warriors /w special character, a hammerhead missing only one hull point, and a uninjured Devilfish. He's got this I call it.

I feel hopeless against Tau. They have superior everthing but combat, and good luck getting them into combat. If I ever assaulted the broadside, the unit would have taken well over 60 shots of overwatch (yes it only hits on 6's, but that all str 5-7 shots).

The only other strategy I could think to have done, would be turn two move my entire army on or infront of objective, and slowly drag it to my side of the field. If I could get it out of range of his Broadsides, he would have to come to me. I would have taken HEAVY casualties, and I think he might have been able to wipe my entire force in about 3 turns since everything he had could shoot at this open space.
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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin Tournament   Round Robin Tournament I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 21 2014, 19:28

Good reads, awesome to hear how well you're doing with the new 'dex!

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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin Tournament   Round Robin Tournament I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 22 2014, 08:26

Good report!

Those Broadsides fall to Grots pretty easy and they can charge in easy enough.

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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin Tournament   Round Robin Tournament I_icon_minitime

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Round Robin Tournament
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