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 New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics

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Barking Agatha
Barking Agatha

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New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics Empty
PostSubject: New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics   New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 16 2014, 21:03

This was my first try against the Tau with my new codex. I used the same list as I did here:

We got the 'Fear The Reaper' Mission (again!). I rolled for drugs and got +1 to Initiative (against Tau? These drugs are lame. I miss Duke Sliscus, he had all the good stuff!). However, for Warlord Trait, I got 'Labyrinthine Cunning'. Yay!

We set up like this:

New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics One_zpsadd2dd4d

Those two Raiders are the Pink Candy and the Blue Candy, and the two Venoms are the Snow Madds and the Acolytes (wracks). I reserved everything else. He reserved only two bunches of Krooks, to Outflank. As you can see, they're all 'Come and get me' in a corner, as typical.

The Venoms put two wounds on the big red Ripguy behind the skull, and he jumped back. The Snow Madds, the Blue Candy Raider, and the Acolytes all had to Jink, but otherwise were Fine.

New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics Two_zps44817cd1

Everything turns up, thanks to Labyrinthine Cunning, except the Flock of Heartrip Eyrie which scatters off the table and gets delayed. The Spamfinders on the battlements mark Morbith's Babies, and the Tau Cummerbund gives the Crisisis guys 'Monster Hunter'. They shoot at Morbith's Babies, hitting on 2's and re-rolling to wound, almost killing the poor Talos! The Tangerine Raider behind the Bastion gets immobilised and loses its Dark Lance. The Pink Candy Pack puts another wound on the big red Ripguy, but their Raider gets immobilised behind the skull.

The first bunch of outflanking Krooks turn up and try to kill the Blue Candy Raider. They brought some kind of ammunition that gets all precision shots (and wounds on 4's?)... anyway, doesn't help shoot down Raiders. The Horrorcraft (the Raider with the grots and Agatha on it) loses just one HP.

New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics Two-and-a-half_zps0c0eeb00

New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics Three_zps512b01f7

I angle the Babies so that the Cronos was in front, then Morbith, then the Talos, because the Talos has only one wound left and I don't want him killed in Overwatch! And they charge the Crisisis guys and Tau Cummerbund. Agatha and the grots charge one group of Spamfinders on the wall, and the Circus of Blades Reavers charge the other. The orange Ripguy overwatches for them, with the missiles that Ignore Cover, but only hits one (which dies, obviously).

You can't see it, but the Snow Madds and Blue Candy Pack turn back to shoot at the outflanking Krooks. They kill a lot of them, but they pass their Ld. Also, the Pink Candy Pack get out of their Raider to shoot at the big red Ripguy and finish it off, with the help of the Heirs' Venom. The Flock of Heartrip Eyrie arrive and wreck the Devilfish in the corner with their Haywires, but a bunch of Tauses comes out and kills all five of them. Sad

New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics Four_zpsde9c58d9

Clearing the walls of Spamfinders, Agatha and the grots join Morbith's babies against the Tau Cummerbund's Crisisis unit. He has been giving them 'Stubborn', so they won't go away. Agatha challenges the Cummerbund but only does one wound. I'm sick of these guys! At least no one is getting hurt.

The -1 Ld from Freakish Spectacle AND -2 from Misery isn't doing much good, due to Stubborn. They fail their Fear tests, but being Tau, they were going to be hitting on 5's anyway!

The Snow Madds get out of their Venom to charge the surviving Krooks, but after being shot by them and the Blue Candies, there are no surviving Krooks. Disappointment. Sad

The Tangerine Madds get out of their immobilised Raider and hide behind the bastion, so that they can get on the Horrorcraft next turn. The orange Ripguy shoots Ignores Cover missiles at the Reavers (twice, from overheating) and kills all of them. The Acolytes Venom shoots at it, but fail to hurt it. The Ozzyfactor hits it but I rolled a 1 to wound. The Heirs' Venom does manage to put one wound on it. The remaining Tauses all run away further into their corner.

New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics End_zpscdb0949a

The Tau Cummerbund and last Crisisis guy still refuse to run away. Behind the Fortress, all bunched up are the orange Ripguy, the Broadwaists, and an Ethereal with the tauses that came out of the Devilfish. The Tau player gives up, as it's 8.00 and we all have homes to go to. Smile

CONCLUSION: This is exactly the kind of tactic that would have wiped the floor with me using the old codex, even back in 5th edition! Lots of heavy shooting from a 'castle' daring me to come and get them as they shot down my Raiders and Venoms. Deep Striking rocks, Woopwoop Portals rock, and Labyrinthine Cunning is amazing. Smile
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New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics   New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 16 2014, 21:57

Awesome report and a nice win! I look forward to the next one (will get round to adding all these great reports to the sticky when I get back from my holiday!).

Welcome to the Tau Castle Raider Club. Very Happy
New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics Happyarchon

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New Codex Part 2 - vs Tau, with pics
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