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 Army lists

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PostSubject: Army lists   Army lists I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 13 2014, 23:01

I enjoy coming up with lists of all sorts. For me the list is as important as the player and how they implement the list (though good armies like eldar and daemons don't really need good players to play). Unfortunately I don't have the models to run most of the lists I come up with nor all the money to buy the models, but I want to share my ideas and hopefully help y'all enslave your enemies. If you have any questions on strategies or lists feel free to message me.

First list requires less strategy than others but is unusually tough and will throw your enemies into a twist. Unfortunately I do not have the Haemonculus supplement so this is just from the main codex.

140 Urien
85 Haemonculus, armor of misery

40 Kabalite Warriors (5)
40 Kabalite Warriors (5)

265 Grotesques (7), Aberration with Scissorhand
265 Grotesques (7), Aberration with Scissorhand

Heavy Support
375 Cronos (3), 3 spirit probe
395 Talos(3), 2 ichor injectors, 1 chain flails, 2 Tl heat lances
395 Talos(3), 2 ichor injectors, 1 chain flails, 2 Tl heat lances


The goal of this army is to deploy everything within 6" of the cronos and laugh at the opponent as the try to stop the hoard from moving toward their deployment zone. While certain armies (all flying monsterous creatures, maybe wave serpent spam) will have a field day against this army this army is meant to soak up enemy fire with a 4+ fnp. Another way to run this is to run 2 haemonculus and try for the fearless warlord trait. The warriors are to keep this army battle forged and would come in from reserve. Start the talos' up front of the grotesques to allow the Grotesques a cover save as well as a fnp. 2 main downsides are the slowness of the army and the few squad count. Though anything that gets into combat with any of these guys will have a bad day.

Let me know what y'all think.
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Army lists
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