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 1750 DE v. Adepta Sororitas

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PostSubject: 1750 DE v. Adepta Sororitas   1750 DE v. Adepta Sororitas I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 12 2014, 04:12

Played my first game with new Dex today versus the battle nuns.  I don't want to get yelled at as I haven't read any posting rules, but my list was:

Dark Artisan Formation with WWP Haemi as Warlord
Grotesquerie - (4) with Haemi on a DL, Aether, NS Raider and (5) on a DL, Aether, NS Raider
**I rolled for +1 T on my Grotesquerie**
Scalpel Squadron with ossefactor (2) and double SC
WWP Haemi with 5 scourge (4HL)
5 scourge (4HwB)

His list was (and I apologize for my ignorance of the Sisters codex in advance - he is sending me his list and I will edit it here once he does):
Warlord was the top chick, who I'm guessing is Celestine?
Battle Sisters (10) with hymn lady, champ, and Rhino (x4)
SoB Seraphim (x10) with hand flamers and stuff
Penitent Engine squad (x3) with gnarliness
what he called his Devastator sqd which had bolter action out the wahzoo

I think that's it.  We played the Cleanse & Control mission, with Hammer & Anvil deployment.  He let me set up the terrain and I did an awesome job if I don't say so myself.  It looked great and was super balanced.  We played with a bunch of cathedral looking ruins, a few copses and some homemade rocky hills.  I won the roll off and he failed the Seize.

DE:  I deployed my Hwb Scourge squad in total LoS cover and each Grotesquerie raider near an objective and in LoS cover.  Ironically, mysterious objs played no part in this game as dictated by the rolls.  I reserved the Dark Artisan unit, the Scalpel Squadron and the WWP Haemi/HL Scourge unit.

SoB: He deployed his Super Shooty Chicks way up top on a ruin, and then his Penitent sqd, Exorcist and Two Rhinos on the left flank utilizing cover where he could.  He then put his HCIC (yes, Head Chick in Charge) on the bottom floor of same ruin his shooties were on.  He reserved two of his rhinos with muchachas aboard.

DE Turn 1:   I was stoked that I had two DE tactical obj cards in my first turn, but his warlord trait ended up letting him make me discard one of mine.  I forget what they were - sorry. I deep struck both venoms basically dead center and volleyed splinter fire into his HCIC causing one wound.  Recognizing I wasn't going to get First Blood I launched the ossefactors upward to his Shooties, where they either missed or he saved.  Don't remember, but what I do remember is i either missed or he saved EVERY SINGLE TIME with this weapon.  So many people were waiting to see this in action - and nada.  Zilch. Zero.  I actually left my HwBscourges right were they were and did nothing to preserve their safety.  I Aethersailed up right flank with one raider and with another behind LoS cover near another Obj in center of board.  

SoB Turn 1:  He moved his HCIC and Penitents forward toward my Venoms.  His Shooties shot and moved his two Rhinos and Exorcist into a Triumverate of rear protecting sissiness while shooting some stuff with rhinos & disembarked sister sqds.  I think he exploded a venom, killing three wracks and then wrecked the other venom.  First Blood to him.

DE Turn 2:  Precision deep striking commence!!  Haemi/HLScourges landed in a copse about eight inches away from Exorcist.  The Solarite failed his dangerous terrain test and failed his armor save.  And then failed his advanced FnP.  Awesome opossum.  However, the HLScourges exploded the Exorcist, so that was nice.  This also ended up scoring me a VP via tactical card.

I DeepStruck my Dark Artisan unit right near his triumvirate of sissiness and within 12" of both Grot sqds. I let loose the Spirit Vortex and other pot shooting things like Hexrifle and TLHwB.

The wracks who broke and ran regrouped and were shielded by my advancing Raider with 5 grots, who disembarked and charged his HCIC, causing one more wound to her Highness.  

The other grots with Haemi disembarked and charged the Penitent Engines, causing one HP.  It was here that I realized the +1T grots were gonna be huge as they could not be IDed versus the Penitents.  My opponent realized that this also saved the FnP as well and he exhaled with frustration as I inhaled with glee.  So I basically planned on tar pitting his Penitents with them for as long as I could.   These things were nasty and keeping those flamers out of commission was a big priority.

I jumped my HwBscourges to the top of a ruin to claim an obj and have some shots at the Rhinos - which were crap.  The shots that is.  

SoB Turn 2:  His two reserved Rhino squads both came in, one disembarking some Chicas in double tap range of my HL Scourges and Haemi and the other coming up the the opposite flank of where the action was. 3 HLscourges died. Drugs are bad mmmmKaaay?  

His Seraphim Sqd landed in terrain and flamed the bejessus out of the complete Wrack squad, just evaporating all five of them.  I'm not even sure there was anything left to take back to the recesses of Commorragh.

He shot at my Dark Artisan unit with his Turn1 disembarked chicks and the Talos just blew snot at them as a result of its laughter.  However, his Shooties then Boltered the brains out of the HwB Scourges and wiped them off the map.  HL Scourges 1 - 0 Hwb Scourges, for those counting.

The Penitent/Grotesquerie polka dance continued and he was withering away grots, but my other grot unit finally wiped out his HCIC.  Slay the Warlord for me!  Grots consolidated right next to their barge.

DE Turn 3:  Fresh off Flesh Gauntleting the HCIC, the Grots jump back on the their Raider (a mistake actually... I should have just charged into the Penitent combat here, avoiding the overwatch next turn.  Live and Learn!) The two regrouped Wracks get on the other empty Raider.  Unfortunately, the raiders are practically side by side, and in my best Han Solo voice I uttered, "I got a bad feeling about this."  I think I exploded a rhino with a DL shot and Hull pointed another one.  I focused on the triumvirate of sissiness, because I really wanted to say "triumvirate of sissiness" to him as much as possible.

After laying down the Cronos template and the obligatory pot shots from TL HwB and Hexrifle, the Dark Artisan Multi-Charged the two SoB disembarked sqds and annihilated them, consolidating centrally toward my grots on the Raider and the sacrificial Lambgrots with the Penitents.

SoB Turn 3:  He jumped his Seraphim out of cover and layed down his flamer template across both my raiders and my nether-regions puckered.  He wrecked the Raider, took out my acothyst, leaving the ossefactor wielding wrack to continue to let down my audience.  He also killed a grot on the other barge.  So not so bad, but too good either.

He flat outted two rhinos, one was empty (the remaining one of the triumvirate of sissiness - last time, I promise) and the other one still had Frau Nun aboard coming up the unused flank toward an obj.  I think he got a numbered obj marker point here.

His other reserve femmes les mortes killed the last HL Scourge, but the Haemi was the mack, standing strong.

The Penitents finished off the grot/haemi sqd and consolidated in the ruins.  His Shootie shot some stuff, maybe doing a hull point on the last raider.

DE Turn 4:  Disembarked and charged last grots into penitents.  Flamed and charged the Seraphim with the Dark Artisan, which decimated them as well.  I consolidated the DA toward the Obj he was holding with Rhino. Ran the solo Haemi like Franco Harris in the 70s towards the obj I needed.  Ossefailer held an obj and continued to fail.

SoB Turn 4:  He whittled down some grots with his penitents and then disembarked his Frau Nun right in my Dark Artisan's grill and I was all - Saaaay what?  He finally did cause a wound on the talos and one on the Cronos at this point.  He moved his empty rhino, blew a tread and immobilized himself next to the objective I needed.  I think he finally wrecked my raider with an empty Rhino instead of advancing into my deployment zone and toward an obj he needed.

DE Turn 5:  The Dark Artisan devoured the Frau nun and consolidated around the obj i needed, blocking his soon to be victorious penitents from contesting it.  The Franco Haemi also was posted up there in case shenanigans occurred requiring the awesomeness of the Dark Artisan.

SoB Turn 5:  He flat-outted an empty rhino to line break and secure obj.  He whittled down grots, but one hung tough.  He advanced les femmes des mortes and the rhino to try and cause drama, but failed in doing so.

With the amount of 1's I had rolled at this point, I was practically prepared to offer my pointy space elf ears to roll when he simply said, "You roll this turn and I'll roll next."

And sho'nuff - uno.  I won 5-4 with Slay the Warlord and four objective points to his First Blood, Line Breaker and two objective points.

Awesome win and super fun game.  I always learn something when I play this fellow and he was super cool about reminding me about the whole reroll to wound poison if your strength is equal to or above stuff.  I audibled my list (see other forum for it) at the last minute when I realized a tiny misunderstanding.  I thought the Scarlet Epicurean formation was a unit as well, like the Dark Artisan, but it is not.  So I did the two Scourge squads with a wwp Haemi in lieu of footslogging wracks, haemi and cronos.

The Dark Artisan was just ridonkulous.  On the turns when it could assault, (3,4,5) it did so and completely wiped out four units.  I got lucky rolling consolidation distances which allowed me to cover some distance that I may not have had the chance to do otherwise.  I'm not even sure the Nightmare Doll is necessary!  I see its importance, especially in a challenge, so I will continue taking it.

Hope this helps someone beat up on some sistahs.  If you have questions, shoot.  If you wanna point out something, please do.  If you wanna kneel before my Huskblade and donate some of your hide for my cape, I accept. Twisted Evil
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Lord Azrael
Lord Azrael

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PostSubject: Re: 1750 DE v. Adepta Sororitas   1750 DE v. Adepta Sororitas I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 12 2014, 13:43

How could you deep strike the two venoms in turn1? Is there a special rule in the coven supplement tht allows that?

Maybe is should buy it too, although I'm not really a coven player
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PostSubject: Re: 1750 DE v. Adepta Sororitas   1750 DE v. Adepta Sororitas I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 12 2014, 14:03

@Lord Azrael wrote:
How could you deep strike the two venoms in turn1? Is there a special rule in the coven supplement tht allows that?

Maybe is should buy it too, although I'm not really a coven player

The Scalpel Squadron arrives via Deep Strike on your Turn 1. In addition, if you get First Blood with this unit, you get D3 Victory pts instead of the normal 1. I recommend preying on something disembarked and weak... Duh, right?

The Coven stuff has always been my favorite, so when this all dropped I was happier than a Clawed Fiend rolling around in its own feces... which I just assume they do, and happily at that!

"Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders - The most famous of which is 'never get involved in a land war in Asia' - but only slightly less well-known is this: 'Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!' Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha..."
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PostSubject: Re: 1750 DE v. Adepta Sororitas   1750 DE v. Adepta Sororitas I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 25 2014, 10:49

Great battle report.

Not sure if you are aware, but the last Haemi and the scourges make your list unbound.

Also the rules for poison attacks have been weakened, you only get re-rolls if your strength is higher now, not equal or higher.
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PostSubject: Re: 1750 DE v. Adepta Sororitas   1750 DE v. Adepta Sororitas I_icon_minitime

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1750 DE v. Adepta Sororitas
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