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 Beakycon 2 day tournament

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PostSubject: Beakycon 2 day tournament   Beakycon 2 day tournament I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 06 2014, 14:52

Entered BEAKYCON, a 2 day tournament out of Tampa, FL.
points were: 4 for victory points, 4 for objectives, 4 for capture/control, 1 for first blood, 1 for last blood and 2 each for warlord/ linebreaker. 18 total possible

My list was a last hurrah for wyches and haywire...

There was a restriction where you cannot have 2 of the same model except troops, but Imperial Knights were exempt and could take 3 in the "Lance" formation.

My list:
9 truborn/haywire/ 2 splinter cannons/ raider/ splinter racks/ eithersails
succubus/ haywire
9 wyches/ haywire/ raider/ sails
2 x 10 wyches/ haywire/ sails
5x 5 wyches/ haywire/ venoms 2x cannons
4x bloodbrides/ haywire/ venom 2x cannons
2 ravagers

Flickerfields on everything.

Game 1- Eldar
Beautiful Eldar army, dinosaur themed. waveserpents/ jetbikes/ wraihknights/ wraithguard (with flamers and guns)
Beakycon 2 day tournament 10710610

This game was a fun one, with a great opponent. He moved, shot, dropped some venoms but the poison shots took out his knights, and any wraithguard that dropped from a serpent. Haywires dropped all the vehicles. In this game, shooting was king. i don't believe we ever had a single round of hand-to hand!
Max points- 18 for the Dark Eldar

Game 2- Versus necron and iron warrior flyer spam.

He had 3 necron flyers, 2 big 12-12-12 imperial flyers, 2 smaller flyers, a unit of wraiths, a bastion with a sniper squad in it and a chapter master, necron lord on barge, etc...

Uh Oh!A flyer heavy list, and me with NO anti-air! I was up a certain creek without a paddle!
So, hammer and anvil deployment sucked too... just heaping trouble on trouble! Anyway, i go first, move up, and wipe his wraiths from the table and do 2 points to the bastion. Everything else flat out flies to his deployment zone.
His turn, no matter what he aims at, the word 'Jink" is out of my mouth before he can finish talking. He downs 1 transport next to his necron chariott, but nothing else.
My turn 2, and bastion is down, necron lord is down (does not get back up) and all marines but 1 fleeing sniper is dead.

His turn, his shooty stuff comes on... I jink, jink and jink some more.
Dukes ride dies, as does a ravager and a venom.

My turns 3-5 I flat out across the board, covering all objectives and capture/control markers.
He drops over half of my vehicles and wipes 2 units of wyches.
His turn 5, and he HAS to go to hover mode to drop off troops.
He contests every objective but capture/control. he has kill points by a mile, so we are tied.
I have first blood, linebreaker and warlord, he has last blood and linebreaker. If it ends now, i win, and in a win/loss tournament winning is everything! Smile

We roll, and a "5" comes up. I then go, and almost table all of his remaining units. It is easy to haywire fliers in hovermode! Also, thrown str 4 ap4 plasma grenades eat necrons for lunch!

DE Victory 13- 7

Game 3- Vs Eldar Serpent spam w/ dark eldar allies
4 serpents, 2 wraithknights, 2 wyches in venoms, swooping hawks and jetbikes.

He went first and dropped half my army! I could not roll a 4+ jink to save my life!
My turn, i flew up as close as possible to his serpents, and prepared to get eaten alive again!
His turn, he ate me alive! It was UGLY!
My turn 2 saw some charges off, a wraithknight (his warlord) down, and a couple dead serpents.
He retaliated by wiping more units from the board.
It was a see saw battle, with me finally walking up, taking objectives and clearing the serpents.
He had a wych, an arcon and 2 units of fire dragons when all was said and done, but they were on his table side, and i still had 2 ravagers and 2 venoms (with assorted foot wyches). I had the range, i had the opportunity to really put a hurt on him, but a rolled "2" stopped that short!
I had objectives. He had kill points, we tied capture/control, we both had warlord, we both had linebreaker, he had first blood, i had last blood.


Are you freaking kidding me?
Ah well, 11-11 De/ Eldar-DE tie!

Game 4- Imperial guard.
He had a blob squad, a russ commander in punisher and a LRBT, psycher, Kahn, 3 thudd guns and 3 big bike squads.
I went first, and the game went downhill for my opponent there. Poison and bikes do not mix, Darklances and tanks do not mix, and wyches and guard do not mix.
He did manage first blood and linebreaker.
DE Victory 17-3

Game 5-
Imperial knights lance formation and necron flyers.
Yup, a come the apocalypse cheesefest of the worst caliber, and unfortunately the person playing it had the exact attitude you would expect for someone who brought this list.
Win at all cost mentality to be sure.
Anyway, it was the least enjoyable game I have had in years. I was accused of cheating at least 5 times, and each and every time I proved him wrong (like a unit of 3 wyches from 5 not needing snake eyes to rally) it just fueled the fire to make him more aggressive, accusitory and all around a jerk.
This tournament has a "thumbs up/ thumbs down" system. 2 thumbs down and you are ejected from the tournament. He upset me so much, i informed him that he was getting a thumbs down, and i started packing up my stuff with the game still going on. I then learned he ALREADY had a thumbs down (the only one out of what, 85 games being played?) so I did not boot him, I hid all my models, and just turboed across the board when they called no more turns, jumped out and won the game.

So, after all was tallied up, i ended up losing to my turn 3 draw opponent by 5 points!
Still, a great sendoff for the Dark Eldar!

01. W-W-D-W-W • Marc (75)
Eldar-Dark Eldar

02. W-W-D-W-W • Lance (70)
Dark Eldar

03. L-W-W-W-L • (67)
Necrons-Imperial Knights

04. W-W-W-W-L • Remy (64)

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Beakycon 2 day tournament Empty
PostSubject: Re: Beakycon 2 day tournament   Beakycon 2 day tournament I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 07 2014, 11:00

Gratz. It seems to be a proper farewell to the hwg wyches.
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Beakycon 2 day tournament
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