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 WWP/DS-Based Pure DE List (1500 pts)

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WWP/DS-Based Pure DE List (1500 pts) Empty
PostSubject: WWP/DS-Based Pure DE List (1500 pts)   WWP/DS-Based Pure DE List (1500 pts) I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 05 2014, 16:05

So this is the list for my first game with the new codex against 1500-pt CWE. For fun (and testing) game, I intentionally take WWP/DS as many as possible.

Garrison (BRB Detachment)
- Imperial Bunker /w Comms Relay
- 5 Kabalite Warriors

AT Squad 1 (BRB Detachment)
- Archon /w WWP & Blaster
- 5 Kabalite Trueborns /w 4 Blasters
- Raider /w Dark Lance

AT Squad 2 (Formation: Dark Artisan)
- Haemonculus /w WWP <- Warlord
- Cronos /w Spirit Probe
- Talos /w TL Heat Lance

AI Squad 1 (BRB Detachment)
- Haemonculus /w WWP & Animus Vitae
- 9 Kabalite Warriors
- Raider /w Splinter Racks

AI Squad 2&3 (Formation: Scalpel Squadron)
2 Squads of:
- 5 Wracks /w Ossefactor
- Venom /w 2 Splinter Cannons

Flexible Squad
- Haemonculus /w WWP
- 3 Grotesques

Total 1497

The strategy is simple a.k.a. Null Deployment thanks to @Unorthodoxy Wink Try to get the second attack, survive with the only Garrison in T1, pour every units in the enemy backyard in T2, cleanse with enemy blood (or bashed in T1?)

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Time to invade! pirat

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WWP/DS-Based Pure DE List (1500 pts)
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