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 New "skin" required..

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New "skin" required.. Empty
PostSubject: New "skin" required..   New "skin" required.. I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 05 2014, 14:47

Greetings denizens!

Along with the freshly-arrived codex, I started unpacking my beloved Commorraghians (and their renegade-blooded cousin-allies) and noticed that my current painting-style and skill has more-or-less developed.. My old color-scheme didn't appeal my eye in any way any more and I decided to re-paint and make up a new name and story for my pirate fleet.

I've added some pics (before&after) so you can see what I mean.. The old work is mainly red/black with the "plain-boring" look on them. The yellow ones are painted in the current theme I'm considering and I'm really looking for any critique&comments which could help me to get the bunch look like what they are - a blood-spilling, back-stabbing, scheming and exiled renegades.. Wink

New "skin" required.. Dscn1212

New "skin" required.. Dscn1213

New "skin" required.. Dscn1214

New "skin" required.. Dscn1215

I haven't made up with the bases yet but I was thinking of an ash-forge world -theme? I've also converted my Warp Spiders allies, better to match up with their Dark cousins. Here's the first one fully painted.

I used Dark Eldar Scourge bodies along with a Venom Pilot's head and a Warp Spider warp back generator that I carved out of the finecast models and sculpted it to fit into the Scourge's back.
New "skin" required.. Dscn1216

I've always liked the Warp Spiders (who doesn't?), teleporting commando-elves, coolest E-V-E-R! One BIG issue I had with the models though, was the gun.. In which universe does a Spec-Ops unit carry guns twice the size of the person shooting it? So I converted the Death Spinners to match the more elegant, dynamic figure wielding it.
New "skin" required.. Dscn1219

My yellow colour-theme also focuses heavily on details of a sun, as seen on the warp pack.
New "skin" required.. Dscn1218

SO.. What do you think? Sticks and stones are all welcome as long it's something I can work with. Wink

I'm thinking of putting together a force which could be used as DE, CWE, or combinations of the two. I'll be adding WIP-pics as soon as I'll get things officially started.
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New "skin" required.. Empty
PostSubject: Re: New "skin" required..   New "skin" required.. I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 14 2014, 12:54

I like it. With the "grubby" yellow style I would try and add some further weathering to it, chips and scratches for example in a bright metallic silver.

I would also make the spirit stones etc the hair and cloth a regal purple. Gives a nice spot colour and will tie the forces together.

I would also highlight the major edges with a yellow just to give it a bit of definition and use a vibrant green for the vials etc. Other than that, lovely. Really awesome idea for the warp spiders!

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New "skin" required.. Empty
PostSubject: Re: New "skin" required..   New "skin" required.. I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 14 2014, 13:50

I really like the scheme, especially on the spiders.
Brighter highlights would be great, and overall I think that with thinner paints you could work wonders. Looking forward to seeing progress!

Dark Angels. The Rock. Lion El "Dwayne" Jonson. I can't be the first person to have thought of this.
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New "skin" required.. Empty
PostSubject: Re: New "skin" required..   New "skin" required.. I_icon_minitime

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New "skin" required..
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