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 Wargear Updates- Talos and Lelith

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Wargear Updates- Talos and Lelith Empty
PostSubject: Wargear Updates- Talos and Lelith   Wargear Updates- Talos and Lelith I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 30 2014, 21:14

Hello all

News for the new dex seems to have everyone on edge- looks like a lot of nerfs are incoming.

However I've noticed a couple of interesting potential wargear changes that could prove quite potent.

First of all in the above link of the new talos entry sheet, I've noticed it is armed with both chain flails and a TL liquefier gun, something we were unable to do in our previous book; we could only take one of the following - Ichor injector, the TL liquefier, or the flails.

I can see this being potentially really good, if the ichor injector causes instant death (just speculation, not fact. Don't quote me Wink ) on a 6 perhaps, then I can see the new chain flails that grant shred being a really powerful combo. Like Wraithknights would be scared of that!  Shocked

I'm liking the potential there, especially if the PfP buff from the Chronos is true.

Lastly, Lelith. I love Lelith and plan to try her out in the new dex (apparently she gains rampage, and I can guess she will get that rage Warlord trait as well). Lelith as she stands now comes with an impaler in her kit to match the shardnet that is her hair. If the rerolls of 1 to hit and to wound from the new shardnet and impaler update is true then that can go a long way to make her more effective.

Just a little insight I picked up on Very Happy

Fingers crossed for the new dex though
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Wargear Updates- Talos and Lelith Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wargear Updates- Talos and Lelith   Wargear Updates- Talos and Lelith I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 30 2014, 21:33

I like that idea for Talos that may be implemented. As for Lelith, we won't really know on her until we get the new codex.
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Wargear Updates- Talos and Lelith
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