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 Kill Team

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PostSubject: Kill Team   Wed Sep 24 2014, 21:13

Hey guys,

My group is thinking about starting Kill Team games. We just don't always have the time to do 2000pt 3hr games anymore. Has anyone played the rules from http://heralds-of-ruin.blogspot.ca/.

And does anyone want to share their Kill Team experiences and thoughts.
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Black Death
Black Death

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PostSubject: Re: Kill Team   Thu Sep 25 2014, 02:39

Well I haven't used those rules before and haven't played kill team since 7th came out but the actual rules from GW should work just fine for KT. It's funny you'd think that at 200 pts that no one could abuse an army build but they can, on the receiving end of that a few times. Good luck and let us know how your games go.

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Kill Team
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