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 Ten is enough

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PostSubject: Ten is enough   Mon Sep 22 2014, 04:35

Archon Severus stood near a webway portal. Her kabal had completed preparation for their next real space raid and silently awaited her signal.

The raid itself was not one to be taken lightly: the capture of an entire squad of Grey Knight Purifiers. Laying the groundwork for this had taken years and it's success would raise her status considerably in the eyes of the Overlord.

Severus had established a cult amongst a human population. Her peers would consider her acts nothing less than playing with fire. She convinced a few of the weaklings that worshipping She Who Thirsts would grant them eternal life. By passing on bits and pieces of her knowledge about the Great Enemy, she knew that the Corpse Emperor's champions would have to eventually respond.

Respond they did. The cultists eventually completed their performance by sacrificing themselves to create a rift which enabled a daemon horde to cross into the material world. Progniscators foresaw the event and dispatched a strike force to deal with the incursion. That battle had recently ended and the armored monkeighs were starting to disperse.

A few minutes ago her mandrake spies on Lotark signaled that the last group of marines were readying their transports. The time had come.


The command given, her raiding party launched into action. Two groups of Reavers flashed ahead cackling madly as they disappeared through the portal. They were followed by a small contingent of venoms carrying wyches and warriors, Raiders trailed behind. Her Incubi bodyguard took their place at her side while a Reaper and a Razorwing waited for a later signal,

It was a small force, but from all indications it would be just the right amount. Too many and the larger Grey Knight force would be recalled to help. Too few and her forces wouldn't last long enough.

As Severus reached the battlefield, the attack was already under way. Reavers, deftly using their caltrops, had already decimated two squads of the defenders. While her wyches and warriors moved quickly to recover those that were still breathing.

Then a teleport flash caught her eye - seven of those damned terminators appeared close by. Sensing their Archon was in danger, a group of warriors jumped from their raider blocking the terminators advance. One of these monkeighs was known to her: Draigo.

The warriors, in a moment of pure inspiration, managed to stymie the terminators advance. Draigo crushed the raider, while her dark kin avoided the close combat weapons of his guard. Realizing that she had no choice, and secretly hoping to grab this prize, Severus leaped into the slaughter.

The battle was swift. Incubi fell, warriors died faster; but so did the enemy elite. Draigo and Severus had eyes only for each other and they traded swings in a blur of motion. As the seconds ticked by, Severus' faith faltered and she wondered how long it might take her haemonculus to regrow her body.

Then, with a loud bang accompanied by the smell of ozone, Draigo disappeared. The other terminators had stopped twitching and lay cold on the ground. She had won by default. Unfortunately, only one of her incubi guards survived and all of the warriors had perished.

Reviewing the larger situation, she saw that a Storm Raven had entered the field. Her Reavers were scattered in smoking heaps. A small group of warriors was circling a lone knight, taunting him into a false move. Draigo was off in the distance helping one of his brothers. Severus then bid the Reaper and Razorwing to come. The final stage of the raid was here and a little distraction would help cover the withdrawal of the remainder of her force.

The Reaper targeted Draigo with its Vortex projector. Unleashing incredible energies which failed to touch the target. Severus took note, the gunner would likely better serve the kabal in a different capacity; such as living wall ornament.

The Razorwing faired much better. As it screamed across the sky, dark energy lept from its lance weapons. Piercing the enemy Storm Raven through the cockpit and leaving a smoking ruin in placed of the pilots head. The crash was almost anti-climatic, just a crumpled heap of metal far away from any combatants. Her forces withdrew from the field and the portal was sealed.

Taking stock of her daring raid, Severus smiled. Ten of the enemy were struggling in shackles at her feet. A further seven had been denied to her over the course of the battle, but that didn't matter. Ten would keep her busy for a long, long time.

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PostSubject: Re: Ten is enough   Mon Sep 22 2014, 23:20

Good times.

Hold out bait to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and then crush him.
-Sun Tzu, the Art of War
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PostSubject: Re: Ten is enough   Thu Oct 02 2014, 17:11

This story came from a couple games I played. One of my kids plays GK so we had to have a few games when the latest codex dropped. The first couple were Slaanesh Daemons and then Tzeentch CSM; all of which he completely dominated. The Tzeentch marines fared better than the daemons because they were able to shut down his psychic powers for the first couple turns; but it was still a rout.

With those losses, it was time bring out the True Kin.

The best in game moment was when Draigo and his terminators assaulted the warriors. I just knew the warrior group was paste. However he managed to wiff almost ever CC attack on them. This bought time for my Archon and Incubi to join the fray. Somehow the Archon managed to go toe to toe with Draigo with neither making headway. Due to his need to score more points and that it looked like the combat would last forever he gate'd Draigo out of combat to take an objective.

Kabal of the Green Hair
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PostSubject: Re: Ten is enough   Sat Oct 04 2014, 23:17

a good way to write op a battlereport. Easy to follow what happens gamewiae abd not a dull read like "and then they moved 6" and I rolled 2" for difficult terain" etc...

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The readiness is all: since no man has aught of what he leaves, what is't to leave betimes?

- Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

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PostSubject: Re: Ten is enough   

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Ten is enough
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