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 Aun'shi short story

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Braden Campbell
Braden Campbell

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PostSubject: Aun'shi short story   Tue Sep 09 2014, 15:39

Hi all. This is a short story that I wrote before Shadowsun, but which has lingered in publishing limbo until this morning.


Between the third and fourth editions of the Tau codex, the character of Aun'shi seemingly vanished. One minute he was on his way to make peace and possible reconciliation with Farsight, and then he was gone. I got to wondering just where he went, and what he might have gone through. I pitched a potential novel that would tell of his harrowing experiences and eventual return to the Empire, but my editor suggested that first I should write a short story detailing his disappearance. So I did.

Then the Tau got a new codex, and Aun'shi was suddenly back... almost as if he hadn't been gone for an entire edition. But we know better, don't we Cool

It was (and still is, I suppose) my hope that this short story and the potential novel would mark the beginning of a full-fledged Tau/Dark Eldar War.

Anyway, that's the background. Hope you enjoy.

- Braden
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PostSubject: Re: Aun'shi short story   Thu Sep 25 2014, 19:37

Sounds interesting. Can't wait to see what it's like.

The sweet sound of suffering ^^
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Aun'shi short story
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