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 Bet on Mandrakes

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Do you think new Mandrakes will be just as terrible as all previous versions?
1) Yes, i think they secretely want to punish themself and chose to always fail
 48% [ 31 ]
2) No, i believe they will finally crawl out of the shadow and reign the day (or night).
 33% [ 21 ]
3) I think they go even deeper into shadow realm and become even worse.
 19% [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 64


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PostSubject: Re: Bet on Mandrakes   Thu Oct 02 2014, 05:44

@Leninade wrote:
12 points a model, start with baleblast, stealth, and shrouded. They'll probably be a staple.
And fear
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PostSubject: Re: Bet on Mandrakes   Thu Oct 02 2014, 05:44

@Leninade wrote:
12 points a model, start with baleblast, stealth, and shrouded. They'll probably be a staple.
I can definitely get behind a useful infiltrating unit in the codex Twisted Evil


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PostSubject: Re: Bet on Mandrakes   Sun Oct 05 2014, 06:02

Truth! They'll be coming out en-masse soon. Finally, eh?
Though they definitely got worse in CC, not having a save and all. I guess they'll get FNP eventually but still. Unless you're playing with one of the new Coven formations, DSing a Haemy with Cronos & Talos nearby to buff their FNP.

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PostSubject: Re: Bet on Mandrakes   Sun Oct 05 2014, 07:12

Tried a crew of 6 mandingo's in a 1000 game vs Space Pups and found that they are actually usable now.... They got they're but handed to them in CC but as a means of objective sitring/tar-pitting they're not bad.

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PostSubject: Re: Bet on Mandrakes   Mon Oct 06 2014, 23:06

My Nightfiend was Mandrake of the Match on Sunday. Smile

Infiltrated out of sight of my opponents Long Fangs, came forward, Baleblast... did nothing.  Took an ignores cover Whirlwind strike that killed four out of the five of them... but then one of my Razorwings took out the Long Fangs who'd been sitting on an objective in a crater.  The Nightfiend promptly sat on it for the rest of the game, generating tactical objectives for me and making all of his frankly ridiculous cover saves.

He wasn't worth throwing enough firepower at to kill and it certainly wasn't worth sending a squad of Grey Hunters over to duff him up in close combat!  It was the most successful my Mandrakes had ever been, and I might take them again now, even to sit on an objective in cover on my side of the table!
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PostSubject: Re: Bet on Mandrakes   

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Bet on Mandrakes
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