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 Beginner looking for cheesy advice.

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PostSubject: Beginner looking for cheesy advice.   Thu Aug 21 2014, 15:43

Hellu to y'all

I'm an old Fantasy veteran, and am now looking to expand into 40K, due to its popularity at the local gaming club. Im well versed in fantasy, as I'm a rather high ranking player on the Swedish tournament scene. Because of my regular tournament games, I'v contracted the mentality to cram as much cheese into a list as I possibly can.

Anyhow, I'v got my eyes set on the dark eldar, as they seem to fit my style of play (MSU elf player in fantasy), and am hoping to pick up tips. Im planning on a small-ish force to start with, perhaps 1250 pts or so, and I am therefor asking, what is the filthiest general build one can think up for roughly that point value? The only "light" choice I plan on including is a unit of five Incubii on a raider, joined by an Archaon, as I already own these models, and am working on a budget.

So whats truly good in the dark eldar army, and what does what?

Cheers for any forthcoming advice!
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PostSubject: Re: Beginner looking for cheesy advice.   Thu Aug 21 2014, 16:29

If you can afford it:
Think of Venom - spam. You can buy one box of warriors and 2 boxes of venom to make 2 squads of warriors in 2 venoms.
However, If i were you the new codex is rumored to be due out in November of this year. Maybe pick up core units and build slowly. Not sure what our new codex will do.
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PostSubject: Re: Beginner looking for cheesy advice.   Thu Aug 21 2014, 17:29

venoms trueborn and Ravagers are the most cost effective options we have.
Using new seventh rules you can get multiple detachments letting you take..
haemonculus 50
3 trueborn+2 sc in dual cannon venom 121
3 trueborn+2 sc in dual cannon venom 121
3 wracks + dual cannon venom 95
3 wracks + dual cannon venom 95
ravanger 105
ravanger 105
ravanger 105

haemonculus 50
3 wracks + dual cannon venom 95
3 wracks + dual cannon venom 95
ravanger 105
ravanger 105

1247 points

Dethdispenser is right about the new codex though. this list could only be usable for a few weeks for all we know...
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PostSubject: Re: Beginner looking for cheesy advice.   Thu Aug 21 2014, 19:13

Yeah, with a budget as an issue and codex rumblings...eh.

Though I will admit as an old DEldar player, I'm literally just starting to feel properly comfortable with our codex - we've only had it for about 4 years now, that means we should have another 6, right? Wink

I'll admit to having a few buckets of salt in my mouth about the November codex release (at the start of this year we were due for an October release, and last year we were due for an early 2014 release - y'know.)

I would suggest sticking to a very small force built mostly from core units (Wyches/Warriors) and transports (Raiders/Venoms) with maybe a Ravager. Those will all assuredly make the jump into the new codex, and as long as you're snagging basic Troops and vehicles you're unlikely to go too wrong.

I also think most functional DE builds involve small Troop selections in vehicles anyway, so...

The most functional current cheese of our dex is an expensive unit to put together with very little assurance that it will still be around and functional next edition. So if you want to go that way it's basically a die roll, and a question of how far out you think a new codex is.


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PostSubject: Re: Beginner looking for cheesy advice.   Fri Aug 22 2014, 21:51

Beast star is by far the cheesiest I can think of backed up with venom spam


Shardseer on jetbike

Lots of khymarae (even a few razorwing flocks if you like)
Customary 3-4 beastmasters

With the right psychic powers this becomes stupidly powerful and has some staying power along with speed to get across the table quickly

Archon of the Jaded Heart

Its all about the pleasure of watching your opponents prized asset crumble to dust..... The look on their face is priceless lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Beginner looking for cheesy advice.   Fri Aug 22 2014, 23:33

Aye, large beast pack and the baron is the thing I have found people raise their eyebrows at the most.

Though if you feel like being even more underhand, throw in a farseer on a jetbike and have the baron tank most of the shots coming at them on his 2++ re-rollable save.
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PostSubject: Re: Beginner looking for cheesy advice.   Sat Aug 23 2014, 11:57

Taffy and Bacon have hit the nail on the head.

Competitive death star nowadays is Baron, 5 Beastmasters, 25 Khymerae and Farseer on Jetbike with Shard; some players add Eldrad to this too if running CWE primary.

Wyches with Haywire in Venoms
Maybe Trueborn with Splinter cannons
Eldar Windriders
I've found success with Hornets

These are the main ingredients to competitive Dark Eldar lists, don't expect to be liked and don't expect these options to be as great in the next Codex, Beasts especially.


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PostSubject: Re: Beginner looking for cheesy advice.   

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Beginner looking for cheesy advice.
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