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 Should Raiders be Capacity 12?

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PostSubject: Should Raiders be Capacity 12?   Wed Aug 13 2014, 04:23

I recently gave one of my Raiders a hard look to see if 10 kabalite warrior sized models could feasibly stand on it. Upon closer inspection I realized that as long as the Warriors didn't try to do yoga on the skimmer, you could reasonably fit 12 plus crew. Would it matter much tactically if we could take 12 models in our Raiders, sure it would be a welcome bonus but would it change much is what I'm asking.

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PostSubject: Re: Should Raiders be Capacity 12?   Wed Aug 13 2014, 04:57

The only real changes would be ability to max out Wyche squads and then add ICs, an additional Grot in a Grot Raider, and an option for a tad bit more dakka if you like Gunboats.

Since Wyches currently are terrible as assault options, Grots don't really need the boost, and the dakka thing is pretty minor...eh. Probably the Grot bomb would get the most boost, and it wouldn't be that big of a shift. I'd probably keep just running 4 of them, myself, but will admit sometimes that feels a bit squishy and I might go to 5 if points allowed.

Wouldn't be a change to most things, really. I rarely max out my Raider capacity as is, and the only people I know who do tend to do it as Gunboats and though they probably would be happy at the extra 2-4 shots I don't think it would really be a game changer.


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PostSubject: Re: Should Raiders be Capacity 12?   Wed Aug 13 2014, 05:14

I saw this and thought, Sliscus approves of this thread.

I think it's reasonable. 12 people would be nice (10 warriors and Sliscus? DEAL!)
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PostSubject: Re: Should Raiders be Capacity 12?   Wed Feb 11 2015, 15:14

I'd happily settle for 11. That would let you have a 10-man squad (Warriors, Wrack or something) and still put in a character.
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PostSubject: Re: Should Raiders be Capacity 12?   

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Should Raiders be Capacity 12?
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