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PostSubject: Banshee-lists   Wed Jul 23 2014, 14:49

(latest Wobbly model syndrome-comic, not made by me)

So as an easy question, what would you think best complement a list that is built around having banshees embarked in raiders?
I have been for long changing my plans in how I am going to field an eldar detachment. For now I think I wish to focus on at least one CC-unit, maybe even a list based largely just on melee (so incubi and wyches on the primary detachment, a talos, maybe one kabalite warrior-squad).

Some additional thoughts and questions.

- What HQ would you take, and where would it go (with the banshees or somewhere else?)?
- Any particular upgrades on a raider with the banshees that could be useful?
- Venom vs. Raider, are 5 banshees worth taking instead of going for 6-10 on a raider?
- Exarch upgrades?
- Other eldar units in the allied detachment?
- Eldar as allied detachment or as primary detachment?

Lastly, if anyone knows a batrep or has otherwise tried a list with them before, any experienced comments are welcome!
Not that other comments aren't welcome.
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PostSubject: Re: Banshee-lists   Wed Jul 23 2014, 15:22

Personally I don't think Banshees are worth it. S3 is just too puny, especially as their high I value is wasted when charging into cover as they will still be striking simultaneously with most other models, meaning they may as well not have the Banshee Mask.

If you do want to take them, they would benefit from an IC with a Phantasm Grenade Launcher.


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PostSubject: Re: Banshee-lists   Thu Aug 28 2014, 22:41

im thinking in taking 2 units of five with executoneer exarch in venoms from 3 trueborn with 2 splinter cannon, or taking a 1-2 beefier 6-8 modell size with sanctic farseers for hammerhand and sucubby or archon for extra punch
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PostSubject: Re: Banshee-lists   Sun Aug 31 2014, 15:08

I dislike Banshees but if you play them bring Lelith in a squad of 9. They'd do some damage atleast.
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PostSubject: Re: Banshee-lists   Sun Aug 31 2014, 15:24

I find they're good if you already have a hard hitting squad in close combat with another hreatening unit or squad. Such as if you have Wraithblades or a Wraithlord already in combat with something like a Daemon Prince, Greater Daemon or the Dark Angel angry smashy knights, charging the Banshees in can be useful for the Banshee Mask.

It's quite rare I get something like this happening, though. I do quite like using Banshees, but don't rely on them by themselves t get something done.


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PostSubject: Re: Banshee-lists   

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