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 Corairs of the Black Sail

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Corairs of the Black Sail   Tue Feb 24 2015, 21:22

Al right, it has been ages since I did some Warhammer modeling/painting.

some might remember me asking for ideas to convert CWE jetbikes in to Reaver jetbike things. And for a very long time I couldn't be bothered. However, a few days ago I odered two new Harlequin jetbike box thingies, so it was about time I threw myself at those boring CWE jetbikes:

So this is how it started:

First goal was to adjust the riders position to be more aggresive and in line with reaver jetbikes.
I also wanted to make it slightly longer and lower.
And lastly it needed big blades

All these changes made me change the position of the catapults as well.

Why do you guys think?
The rider is obviously not even closed to finished
I also might have to redetermine the centre of gravity and drill a new hole for the stand.

next step is green-stuff Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Corairs of the Black Sail   Tue Mar 24 2015, 11:13

Awesome! I love the pirate theme, and that's a great take on the Dais of Destruction (sadly no more in the current codex, but then, the rules for it were never that impressive).


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Corairs of the Black Sail
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