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 Why Must we Consort With our Lesser Kin?

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PostSubject: Re: Why Must we Consort With our Lesser Kin?   Sat Aug 16 2014, 04:39

You maybe right when you say that eldar are ahead of the pack, but neither orks or wolves have been out long enough to tell how good they are. I remember the reviews of the eldar codex when it came out and the vast majority said it wasn't as good as tau.
With all that said all I want from the new codex is to make wyches viable in assault. I got into dark eldar in fifth because I wanted to play a fast assault army, sixth came out and we turned into a fast shooty army exclusively. Basically I have 30 wyches packed away waiting to not suck Wink. I don't expect we will be as good as the eldar in truth.
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PostSubject: Re: Why Must we Consort With our Lesser Kin?   Mon Aug 18 2014, 02:02

It would be nice and easily done - just a bit more resilience needed to get there. Not optimistic, as I feel that GW underestimate just how quickly killing happens in their game and therefore provide inadequate resistance for most armies, but maybe it will happen. It would certainly be nice if DE became more of an assault army.

As for SW and Orks - you're right that it's too early to say for sure, but that's my gut instinct.
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Why Must we Consort With our Lesser Kin?
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