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 The journey of a Newb.

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PostSubject: The journey of a Newb.    Wed May 28 2014, 12:45

I thought I'd share my journey with painting and playing with Dark Eldar.
I got the first models in the beginning of May. Those were old school Warriors and a Archon
Here they are now:
Picture :

After that i got some more Kabalite Warriors so that i would have 2 troops. Behind them you can see one of my latest works, a Raider to transport them. Unfortunately my FLGS did not have more than one, so at the moment one will have to be enough.

Next, i felt that I wanted Hellions, one of them will be Called Baron Sathonyx. I really enjoyed painting the Skyboards.

Well, thats almost it. I realized that I will need something to bring down Tanks, so i got myself a couple of Scourges to work together with the Raider.

This has been a really fun month of painting, much more fun than painting dozens of dudes in spiky power armor. I will hopefully get to play my first game with them this weekend. Not that I expect to win, since I seriously lack the anti tank fire I will need to bring down my Friends AM, but between the Scourges and proxying my Kabalites Splinter Cannons as Dark Lances i hope that i will atleast have a descent chance.
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Beating A Different Drummer

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PostSubject: Re: The journey of a Newb.    Tue Jun 03 2014, 07:46

play to learn. best way to play there is.

Hold out bait to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and then crush him.
-Sun Tzu, the Art of War
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PostSubject: Re: The journey of a Newb.    Tue Jun 03 2014, 09:06

i agree best way to learn is to play the game or in my case because i havent finished my army i watched my brother play the local gw manager (and loose badly  Laughing) and i love the design on your skybords looks real cool.
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PostSubject: Re: The journey of a Newb.    

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The journey of a Newb.
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