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 GW Combat Drugs cards a possibility?

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Black Death

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PostSubject: Re: GW Combat Drugs cards a possibility?   Thu Apr 17 2014, 05:11

I would actually like the combat drugs to go back like they were before, Choose what you need in each turn but when the new dex came out, was relieved by the one roll rule. But now...and, cards, well I have almost every other cards for the game so why not? And, as stated before, not on dark grey background please.

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PostSubject: Re: GW Combat Drugs cards a possibility?   Thu Apr 17 2014, 11:05

The problem with using cards for it is the same reason the Tyranid psychic power cards are useless. You have them en mass, so you can't just keep the cards on the unit or in one place as there's a fairly high chance of multiple units rolling the same thing.

For example, your typical Tyranid army has at least four psykers (counting any size brood of Zoanthropes as one psyker), usually a Hive Tyrant or two, a couple of broods of Zoanthropes and maybe a Tervigon. When you're rolling for that many powers you're probably going to get some doubles, so unless you buy multiple packs the cards are useless, you're better off just keeping a little pad and pen with your dice and templates like I do.

The same goes for combat drugs, if you had them per unit you would likely get doubles, and if they stayed as they were you wouldn't need cards because you would only have to remember one roll anyway, and they aren't exactly a lot to remember like some psychic powers, they're very simple things like +1 to a certain stat or re-rolls.

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GW Combat Drugs cards a possibility?
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