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 DE New Rule Suggestions

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PostSubject: DE New Rule Suggestions   Wed Mar 19 2014, 21:26

I was thinking of ways to make DE truly a fast army. Really speed wise we have a lot of that. But give me your thoughts on these changes

New DE rules
> +1 BS when firing Snap Shots (really makes us a much faster army and able to shoot from speed)
This would fix a lot of our issues from AA to a true raiding theme attack
> Give Hellions and Scourges a 2d6 move in assault phase like jetpacks (speed)

> Rework Pain tokens
Any time a DE unit forces an opposing unit to make a Leadership test the DE player gets a Pain Token. (We should get pleasure from their pain not their death)
At the start of any phase you may spend your tokens to buff your army (not individual units)

So spend 5 Pain Tokens to buy each ability (FNP, Furious Charge, Fearless) So you can buy them in the order you want them as opposed to each unit. I have found I will often blast a unit to 2 or 3 models and then just leave it alone. No reason for me to waste 40 shots on 3 guys.

So what are your thoughts?
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PostSubject: Re: DE New Rule Suggestions   Wed Mar 19 2014, 21:43

I find the pain token idea interesting. However I would suggest adding the leadership test to the existing destroying a unit mechanic to generate pain tokens. I wouldn't want to lose out on getting a pain token when I wipe a unit off the table. An army wide benefit is a very cool idea as it expands the potential effects that can be chosen. If you don't already call for it I'd limit the effect to one turn and no more than two tokens per turn to compensate for the much wider application and regularity of obtaining tokens. Perhaps the movement boosts you have in mind might become pain token effects rather than new, static rules.
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PostSubject: Re: DE New Rule Suggestions   Wed Mar 19 2014, 22:07

Yes for sure if you table the unit you gain a Pain Token thanks for that thought. Well I know that some units provide pain tokens such as wracks these will just be added to your pool. If we only allow the power per turn I would suggest going down to each ability only costing 1 point (similar to marker lights then). You could buy a boosted BS skill and FLP skills. Don't want to go all Tau on us but it would make since and the rules would be more widely understood.
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PostSubject: Re: DE New Rule Suggestions   

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DE New Rule Suggestions
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