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 Building a Ravager from Raider?

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PostSubject: Building a Ravager from Raider?   Sun Mar 09 2014, 00:23

Hey guys,

Has anyone made a Ravager out of a Raider. I haven't been able to find any conversion tutorials online.

I've got these death-trap Raiders lying around begging to be turned into Ravagers.

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Ravager from Raider?   Sun Mar 09 2014, 06:35

Ravager only have have additional sprue in the box in addition to standart raiders. You can build raider out of Ravager box.

So you just need to buy this sprue, or parts of it. Try bits site, like 'OardOBits.

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Ravager from Raider?   Sun Mar 09 2014, 10:12

I have also seen them built with 2 of the running boards (one on either side) extended and a kabalite warrior with lance standing on each

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Ravager from Raider?   Sun Mar 09 2014, 11:06

I've seen a very good one (on this forum think, can;t remember who....) that just put the additional weapons in the arms of the passengers hanging off the side of the Raider. That way you don't need anything other than two more weapons (and the look was pretty good in my opinion).
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PostSubject: Re: Building a Ravager from Raider?   Sun Mar 09 2014, 17:28

I did what Massaen said: furthermore I magnetised their bases, so I can either use them as Lanceborn or Ravager guns.
A plasticard plank through the middle, and two flat magnets. Simples!
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PostSubject: Re: Building a Ravager from Raider?   Mon Mar 10 2014, 02:38

I also gave some of the passengers dark lances, but those are just trueborn in a raider, I have many DLs left over from bits and many leftover passengers. I don't really find such easy alternative convincing, but that's just me. The problem with this is: what if you have other raiders with passengers, there would be pretty much no difference between raider & ravagers, besides it's possible to have 2 DL having from the side => embarked trueborn squad with 2 DLs.

It was a lot easier to convert the old raider into ravagers

The actual ravager is just such a cool model, I can't see anyone making a conversion from a raider that would be equally as good or even better.

The ravager has a lot of additional parts, not just the side gunners, it's worth it if you want some change amongst your raiders, besides it has 2 vehicles upgrades you don't find on the raiders.

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Ravager from Raider?   Fri Oct 13 2017, 04:13

I did a custom build with extra bits from some reavers and venom sprues. It turned out ok, at least has a sponson feel to the side lances.

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Ravager from Raider?   

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Building a Ravager from Raider?
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