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Lord Puberis
Lord Puberis

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PostSubject: Different forums   Thu Jan 23 2014, 18:56

Hi all,

Apologies if this is in the wrong place!

Being new to DE.and trying to find tips and tricks in as many places as possible, I found myself wondering, aside from this forum, which other forums/websites should I be looking at? And what do I need to know about the said sites?
For example, dakka dakka.net seems to be a popular search result?!
All help appreciated!

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Different forums   Thu Jan 23 2014, 19:23

There is nowhere else, all are merely sub-realms of the Dark City....

Honestly I've not really looked. If you're looking for blogs vs forums, Eye of Error has a very good one which has a lot of Dark Eldar things - and you'll find him fluttering around the place here as well, similarly Faeit 212 does mix his news things with the occasional gibber about his DE.
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Kung Fu Hamster
Kung Fu Hamster

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PostSubject: Re: Different forums   Fri Jan 24 2014, 18:49

I would honestly avoid the big sites like Dakka and Warseer. They tend to be filled with constant negativity and whining. If you're a fan of podcasts, take a look at their forums. The Independent Characters and 40k Tadio forums are great resources.
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PostSubject: Re: Different forums   Fri Jan 24 2014, 20:35

I have heard of dakkadakka and warseer but not their users, just been in them once or twice.
Thor had some good battle reports, and then there was some interesting guides (but they were earlier editions I think).
If you want to find Dark Eldar, this is the biggest dedicated forum for that.
Best paint blog, must be Eye of Error's.
Dunno anything about podcasts
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PostSubject: Re: Different forums   

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Different forums
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