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 Tips and Tricks for a New Guy

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PostSubject: Tips and Tricks for a New Guy   Sun Jan 19 2014, 20:48

So, I'm new to the game. Played some fantasy almost a decade ago(that sentence make me feel old Very Happy ) . But was convinced to try 40k, played a few matches with different races, oddly enough I got stuck on the one race I didn't try...The Dark Elder, really love the fluff, what's not to love about a psycho pirate:D.

Well, most in the group I joined have more then a few years of experience playing the game, so come here to get a few pointers how to ease my way into the game. Well, I hope that my friends will take it easy on the new guy, but you never can be to careful Very Happy

I recently bought a bunch of different Dark Elder stuff, lucked out, a friend of my was basically giving away unopened boxes of Dark Eldar( he have more money then sense:D).

This is what I got, for a symbolic sum
The Battleforce
2 Haemonculus
2 boxes of Warriors
1 box of Wyches
2 boxes of Incubi
2 boxes of Reavers
Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine / Cronos Parasite Engine
Razorwing jetfighter

Basically everything except the Arxhin is still unopened, Damn did I get lucky. Now I only need to get my act together and assemble everything quickly, all my friends down at my club is waiting to get owned by the pirates.

And fir that purpose I come here, so how can I use what I have in good way? What should I buy next? Will mostly play against Necrons, Imperial Guards, Tyranids and Dark Angels. We have a few other players as well, but this are the races I will play against the most.

Thanks in advance
A future dread on the galaxy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Tips and Tricks for a New Guy   Sun Jan 19 2014, 21:12

The big thing that leaps out at me about your collection is that you have a grand total of 4 vehicles (1 Raider, 1 Venom, 1 Jetfighter, and 1 Ravager)

If you look at other lists on this board, or indeed DE lists anywhere, and also if you look at tactic articles one thing should probably leap out. People play a lot of mech, and DE footslogging is not an army list that exists anywhere except in the collection of that oddly smiling guy who is okay losing every battle.

I would say your next purchases should be an additional handful of Raiders/Venoms.

At the moment I think you have the capability to field a decently competitive 500 point army or a quite uncompetitive 1,000 point army, or a grossly uncompetitive 1,500 point army. If you had an additional 7 Raiders/Venoms/Ravagers in almost any combination I'd say you had enough to field a competitive 1,500 point army. You lack very little in stuff to put in vehicles, you just lack the vehicles.

As far as 'using your stuff' in a generic way, there are a few articles to be found on this site to help with that. My tactica is in my sig and covers play thoughts and has a semi-updated to 6th assessment of the units.

There is also Plastikente's stuff...which isn't too shabby though I think it wears a lot of rose tinted glasses and is also out of date nowadays.

What you really need to do is look around and figure out what sort of army you want to play and/or what units excite you. If you can figure out some core ideas (I want to shoot stuff off the board, or I want to play and win with an army that uses Reavers, et al) then it will be much easier for people to try to advise you on hints to build your army.

But - transports, regardless you will be wanting more transports, and most likely Ravagers Wink


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PostSubject: Re: Tips and Tricks for a New Guy   Mon Jan 20 2014, 10:11

What Thor said. If the added expense panics you, search for Papercraft PDFs, they are easy to make, and will get you on the table quickly.
I have finally replaced my last printed Venom with a real one, they lasted me a year, dozens of gaming days.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips and Tricks for a New Guy   Mon Jan 20 2014, 22:15

Ditto on the vehicles. Especially venoms; I'd get 3.

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PostSubject: Re: Tips and Tricks for a New Guy   Mon Jan 20 2014, 22:22

I found the pdf with instructions I'll send you the link via pm since I can't post URLs yet.

*edit* well nevermind... can't even send it in a private message either.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips and Tricks for a New Guy   Tue Jan 21 2014, 09:36

Quick and dirty - I think you can JUST toss together a viable list with what you have, but definitely echo the call for more transports. I would go with:

20 man warrior squad on foot, 2 splinter cannons
10 wyches with haywire grenades in a raider
Archon with shadowfield and 4 incubi in a dual-cannon venom
Ravager (tri-lance)
Talos (twin-linked liquifier gun, twin-linked splinter cannon)
6 Reavers with 2 blasters

That sets you back 975 points and is reasonably competitive - I'd spend the last 25 points outfitting your archon with some additional killy gear, though what you go for is up to you. Lance on the raider, haywyches, the ravager, and the reavers should be sufficient anti-tank at 1k, and the warriors are surprisingly resilient and good anti-infantry. Talos is a nice fire magnet, and quite potent area denial. You could also lose the archon in favour of a cheaper HQ choice; succubus with agoniser could work quite well.

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PostSubject: Re: Tips and Tricks for a New Guy   

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Tips and Tricks for a New Guy
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