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 Wraithguard as allied troops

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PostSubject: Wraithguard as allied troops   Wraithguard as allied troops I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 07 2013, 09:44

Apologies if this is in the wrong place..

There's a bit of fluff in the codex that has from the beginning struck my fancy. It's mentioned that raiders show up to help save our less fortunate cousins in Craftworld Iyanden "because they found their experiments in necromancy amusing."

Though I suspect few really pay any attention to such things, I've always fancied my little kabal of troops to be in the style of pirates and raiders, making port in Commorragh more for trade and politics than actually residing there for any length of time. With piracy comes eccentricity, of course, and I like the idea of my Archon keeping around a renegade eldar necromancer for amusement and curiosity.

To represent this, I want to kitbash out a spiritseer (possibly grabbing one of the nazgul models from the Lord of the Rings line as a basis) and converting some wraithguard to look a bit more. Well. Evil.

The question is - how would you suggest I make the best use of my necromancer and his deathless constructs?

My thanks in advance
- Barbarus
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PostSubject: Re: Wraithguard as allied troops   Wraithguard as allied troops I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 07 2013, 09:50

Use them to walk forward and shoot things with their guns.

On a serious note though, they add some seriously crazy firepower, just don't let them get swamped. Consider a wave serpent to help them out - they're even more broken than Wraithguard. Have some supporting deldar units to extract them from combat if they are charged, and to take on units the Wraithguard would prefer to not waste bullets on.

"Of course you should fight fire with fire! You should fight everything with fire."
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Wraithguard as allied troops
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