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 Possessed Chaos Lord: any ideas ?

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PostSubject: Possessed Chaos Lord: any ideas ?   Sun Nov 03 2013, 12:23

I was thinking since possessed actually worked for me ( even though 180 points for a khornate icon of wrath possessed is pretty freakin expensive) I was going to use a Lictor's body and add a bit of armor on the shoulders and a different head. I mean I love the model. Any ideas or comments on this or something else that would look awesome for a Possessed Lord ( Undivided for now)

An alternative: A lictor/ chaos spawn with sister superior parts like the pauldrons and the breastplate and make her a Possessed Slaaneshi Lord. Just saying Slaanesh is my favorite God
Leave comments if you want Smile happy war gaming. Cheers ^_^
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Possessed Chaos Lord: any ideas ?
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