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 A question about disembarking

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Sand Viper

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PostSubject: A question about disembarking   Fri Oct 04 2013, 19:43

If a raider or venom moves upto 6" and the unit on board disembarks, can the raider or venom make a subsequent flat out move in the shooting phase?

The rule on p79 says "If the vehicle had already moved before the unit disembarked, the vehicle cannot move further (include pivoting on the spot) that turn."

My gut feeling is the transport can't flat out since it is effectively further movement in the same turn, but I don't know if there is anything unusual about flat out which over rules it? (Because it's granted in place of shooting for instance).

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PostSubject: Re: A question about disembarking   Sat Oct 05 2013, 04:05

Nope. the rule you quote prohibits moving further (which would include flat out)
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A question about disembarking
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