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 Keeping track of psychic powers

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PostSubject: Keeping track of psychic powers   Wed Sep 18 2013, 07:57

Hello guys, I am in an escalation league these days and are playing Chaos Daemons. I got a FMC Nurgle list, so in other words I got 4 psychers that have ML 3. On top of that I have all the rewards and crap.

So, yeah I know about the cards and app, but I have to admit I dont like the mobile app as I usualy forgets the phone at home when playing (I am useless like that).

Also its one thing marking what each psychers got from table, but its another thing marking what I give to whom. As I do roll all out on Biomancy for the most part, I do still have some other tables to roll on and buff etc.

So anyone have any ideas on how to do this fast and easy?
I did see a nice way to do it in the last turnement I attended, then he had a board that he had a marker on to mark each daemon, he had a base with same mark on next to this daemon, then he put the powers (cards) he got next to the daemon, this way he could easlie keep track of what got what. And he mad some markers (or bought somewhere) to mark who buffed who. But again this starts go get expensive :p

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PostSubject: Re: Keeping track of psychic powers   Wed Sep 18 2013, 09:01

Can't you simply write down what powers you roll on your army list next to the relevant unit? Or even just buy a bunch of index cards, write the powers you roll on them and then put that next to the model.


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PostSubject: Re: Keeping track of psychic powers   Wed Sep 18 2013, 10:19

Never had to use psychic powers (my farseer is still in the shelf), but I think a pen and a paper will probably work best.
If you are at a tournament or a game that takes long, those phones probably wont even last very long with some sort of app on them.
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PostSubject: Re: Keeping track of psychic powers   Mon Sep 23 2013, 22:23

The Daemon player I played against in my last game had 2 daemon princes of tzeentch (ML3), a Lord of Change, and heralds each of khorne and tzeentch. Over 20 rolls combined for rewards and psychic powers. What he did was have a list printout with lines written next to each unit for the rewards and powers to go on; wrote them down as he rolled and it worked an absolute treat. If I ever needed to know what was where, I only had to ask to see the list.

If you use the same list a lot, I'd suggest just laminating it so you can use a dry-erase marker.

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PostSubject: Re: Keeping track of psychic powers   Tue Sep 24 2013, 07:08

You can also copy your book on the pyschic powers pages, or create a simple list on a blank document, and when you roll for powers at the beginning of the game, you highlight them with a fluo marker pen, and specify your psyker's name on yop of the sheet.
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PostSubject: Re: Keeping track of psychic powers   

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Keeping track of psychic powers
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