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 Losing with a BANG!

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PostSubject: Re: Losing with a BANG!   Mon Oct 21 2013, 16:02

I actually had a verfy similar game against DA playing the relic, but the game ended very differently. I was playing my second game ever and it was as Chaos Marines. I nabbed the relic early and used my rhino's to block pursuit, but his damned black knights slaughtered everything....except for my Chaos Marine squad running with the objective. The game ended with his force like 80% intact, with mine being two models: my chaos lord with one wound left joined to a lone chaos marine holding the relic to make him fearless. Needless to say chuckles ensued.
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PostSubject: Re: Losing with a BANG!   Wed Nov 13 2013, 07:11

It was in 5th edition. My first game for DE. My last unit of Raider (with couple of wyches on board) make flat out to the enemy point, to deny it. My opponent shoot everything he could: rockets, plasma, vindicators. ONE marine shoot ONE bolter shot, make it glance, i didn`t save it, so on a result he dice 6-2=4, immobilized. That count as destroyed if u flat out. Wyches died in accident.
6 on hit
6 to glance
6-2 for result.

Now that was a crack in the nearest building Smile 

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PostSubject: Re: Losing with a BANG!   Thu Nov 14 2013, 22:36

My best losses are those where I can reasonably convince myself we dragged some nice high-profile captives back to the Dark City. Plodding Lysander.. Tyranid beasts. Lovely.
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PostSubject: Re: Losing with a BANG!   Mon Nov 18 2013, 03:45

I have 2 pretty good ones.

My first tournament with Dark Eldar, having only played two or three games with them before hand.  Its 1000 points and I win first round.  Second round I play against a Dark Angels list allied with Grey Knights.  He brings a tricked out Librarian, a couple 5 man tac squads, 2 Nephilims, and a Strike Squad with an Inquisitor in a Stormraven.  I'm running a CC Archon, 3 Blasterborn in a Venom, HeyWyches in a Venom, 2 10 man Warriors in Raiders, and 2 Ravegers, one lance one dissie.  I turbo boost my Archon and Trueborn across the board first turn and assault his Warlord unit turn 2.  I challenge and kill the sergeant, then challenge and kill the librarian activating my soul trap.  I consolidate into the next tac squad and kill them, then consolidate out into the open to assault the strike squad.  Meanwhile his three fliers have wiped me off the board except for my lone Archon.  Everything then fires at my Archon and I make every 2++ save and make it into combat with the strike squad on the last turn but lose the game due to kill points.

We are playing a team game at a friends house one night.  Eldar/Raven Guard vs. Dark Eldar/Tyranids, 1k per player.  My HeyWych squad makes it to their end of the board on turn 2 and they promptly pen 6 the Venom.  4 Wyches die in the explosion leaving my soon to be Hekatrix.  A ravager glances the Vindicator so the Wych throws a Heywire Grenade, glances, charges and wrecks the Vindicator with another grenade.  Next turn they ignore her and some Wave Serpents come on from reserve and start wrecking us.  I score a pen with a lance and its gets dropped to a glance.  Wych repeats her last turn.  Throws a heywire, he fails his jink, assaults and wrecks the Wave Serpent.  Next turn they ignore her again and go for the big bugs, so we shoot at a Dire Avenger squad and they run.  The Wych then charges the two surviving Dire Avengers, they fail the morale test and are wiped out and the Wych consolidates on top of an objective.  Game ends 1-3 on objectives.  Wych is promoted and painted the next day.
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PostSubject: Re: Losing with a BANG!   Mon Nov 18 2013, 08:15

In one of my Tau games last tournament all I had left on T5b was a Jetseer with one wound in a challenge with suitcommander. Joined was a riptide that had killed 3 bikes that were with my seer before Tau charge. I managed to make one wound to commander (forgot instagib Sad ) and in return he didn't do anything. Failed morale and my seer ran down his commarder and Riptide. He lost linebreaker and warlord there. I still lost the game 18-2 but saved those two points at last possible moment.

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PostSubject: Re: Losing with a BANG!   Wed Nov 20 2013, 13:17

I had a pretty epic loss with my dark elder and elder allies list a little while ago. My opponent ran Fuegan and five spirit seers all joined to a unit of fire dragons, as well as two crimson hunters and suncannon scattershield wraithknight, two wave serpents full of fire dragon squads and the obligatory two three man guardian jet bike squads.
I was winning early on with much help from my baron farseer with the shard hellion combo. I reduced the deathstar down to fuegan who was locked up in a challenge with my farseer but had gained an obscene amount of strength and attack bonuses from spiritseers casting renewer on him. I lost the farseer and all the hellions from the wraithknight and by the end of the game he had a crimson hunter on one hull point, an unwounded wraithknight, and fuegan on one wound. Fuegan and the wraithknight were charging my D-Scythe wraithguard hanging out on the a three point objective (it was the scouring). The wraithknight dies on overwatch to a single instant death wound that got through its invul but fuegan makes a triple six through cover!
Wiping the squad just as the lone crimson hunter swoops in to take the four pointer winning him the game!!
It was a blistering match up but the wraithguard killing the wraithknight was awesome, also my lone disintegrator ravager survived the onslaught of both flyers for three turns before finally eating a shot in the tail pipe from fuegan and going down.
I had a small ranger squad hanging on the 2 point objective which were blasted down to one man who survived a wave serpent shooting him, scatters, cannon, shield and all!!
Last epic moment was an epic fail when my venom of 5 haywire wyches disembarked onto the four point objective only to find it sabotaged. It promptly blows up right there and then killing three of them and causing the two survivors to flee! Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: Losing with a BANG!   Tue Nov 26 2013, 15:46

I played a 1500pt game against Orks last night, just for starters got to say Orks vs Dark Eldar is the most fun game of 40k i have ever played, my gaming group is all about casual bring your nice models over super competative, so with the amount of crazy stuff our two armies could bring made it a really enjoyable game that had the rest of the group getting very distracted from their own games.Very Happy 

Anyway it was a disaster for my army, especially the first 2 turns where my whole game plan was down the drain but just as i thought it was going to be a complete massacre, the combination of one of my Talos Engines and a unit of 9 Reavers coming on from reserve managed to pull of a minor bit of glory by spilling some Greenskin blood, two turns in a row the Talos popped a Truck only for the Reavers to Bladevane the entire unit, then his unit of Nobz and a Warboss managed to charge my Reavers which meant they were goners, so my Arena Champion decided to go out with a bang and challenge the Warboss, who he somehow managed to dispatch, it was glorious until the Nobz then pulverized him like the rest of the Reavers.
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PostSubject: Re: Losing with a BANG!   Sat Nov 30 2013, 05:13

My Archon being the only one left alive and saved a total of 25 2+ saves and 7 feel no pain...moral victorys count right?

I bet my Dark Eldar would kill your Honors Student.

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PostSubject: Re: Losing with a BANG!   

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Losing with a BANG!
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