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 Hive Fleet Frosius Special Characters

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PostSubject: Hive Fleet Frosius Special Characters   Tue Aug 27 2013, 20:30

Famous Hive Fleet Frosius Tyranids

Hive Tyrant Frost Serpent

Hive Tyrant Frost Serpent is a strange looking Hive Tyrant, as it has no legs. Unstead it has a large tail that resembles that of a Trygon. It also tunnels, such as a Trygon would. It is believed to had once been a Trygon, but chosen by the Hive Mind to lead the Hive Fleet because it was much more intelligent then a Trygon or a Trygon Prime.
It was given the name, Frost Serpent, by the Orks, (Frozt Surpent by Orks, later translated by the Imperium as Frost Serpent) because it resembled a Trygon except that it acctually led them, as if it were a Trygon above any other Trygon or Trygon Prime.

The Twin Talons

The Twin Talons are the two Tyranid Primes that led Hive Fleet Frosius into battle with Klan Skull Crushaz upon the frozen planet of Icias. The two Primes are famous for destroying thousands of orks single handidly.
They fought with their broods of hormagaunts until their Hive Tyrant appeared and began to direct the Brood from the battlefield.

The Frozen Scythe

The Frozen Sycthe led the southern Broods across the massive planet, killing millions of orks in the process.
It was given the name, The Frozen Sycthe, by the Orks, (Frosen Sythe by Orks, later translated by the Imperium as The Frozen Sycthe) because it used its many Sycthing Talons to cut away even the fiercest of Nobs. It even managed to tear through a Battle Wagon's doors and devour the passangers.

The Freezing Talon

The Freezing Talon led the northern Broods across the massive planet, and in the process killed millions of orks.
It was given the name, The Freezing Talon, by the Orks, (Friesing Taloon by Orks, later translated by the Imperium as The Freezing Talon) because it would tunnel underground and lead hormagaunts under it's tunnels and surround the enemy before clawing their way out and devouring thousands of orks at a time.
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Hive Fleet Frosius Special Characters
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