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 Differences in Haywire Blasters

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Rumour Scourge

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PostSubject: Differences in Haywire Blasters   Wed Jul 06 2011, 05:06

As abjectus recently pointed out in the discussion of the Reaper, the Haywire Launcher of the FW Shadow Spectres' Exarch penetrates on a 5 or 6, vs. just a 6 for our Haywire Blaster. It also has -1 Str. and AP, and 50% greater range.

Given that the new DE range came out two months before the Shadow Spectres, I am curious about why FW would choose to create a different Haywire weapon, experimental or otherwise? When you consider that we may get something similar, if not the same, with some future FW love for The Kin, is it worth them making it a completely different weapon different from ours when it's benefits are marginal, at best?

Yes, it has a better range and haywire penetrating ability, but it's lower strength practically nullifies any regular armour penetrating ability and that minimizes the bonus factor of the 5+pen haywire effect. And unless you conveniently give every other squad that may end up using it the benefit of relentless, it's heavy weapon status is a real detraction.

Any thoughts?
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Torpedo Vegas
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Resident Shadowseer

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PostSubject: Re: Differences in Haywire Blasters   Wed Jul 06 2011, 06:02

I think it's forge world being Forge World. They make pretty models and their rules are written by their trained chimps chained to type writers.

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PostSubject: Re: Differences in Haywire Blasters   Wed Jul 06 2011, 06:44

It's kinda like with normal firearms... I think.

But I totally agree with "FW chimps". IMHO they should use "standard" random effect label so people would not be as confused as with "new" Storm Shields and pre-FAQ DA/BT ones.
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PostSubject: Re: Differences in Haywire Blasters   Thu Aug 04 2011, 02:39

I wouldn't be too worried about it, honestly. Their weapons aren't assault like ours are. Yeah they're longer range which is nice, but with our 12" jump pack move, the range becomes equal. Forgeworld will be Forgeworld, and unless you have a lot of people that like to play with Forgeworld models and rules, it doesn't seem like anything you'd ever have to encounter. For example, my metagame is that everyone plays some version of Space Marine and Imperial Guard, and nobody has a single FW model. Casual games abound. Concern for Forgeworld models minimal.
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Differences in Haywire Blasters
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